It is common for people to get addicted to something. Sometimes we start something and do not even realize when we get addicted to it. This addiction grows day by day and often reaches a point where it begins to damage us.

It is important that we are aware of such addictions so that we can steps to curb them. To help you in this regard, given below are some of the most common addictions around the world.


Tobacco is a common addiction with smoking being common all around the world. When you buy a pack of cigarette, you will see warning labels; however cigarette sales are still very high.

Tobacco contains nicotine that impacts our brain and we get addicted to it. Many people are chain smokers and cannot live without smoking, and trying to avoid smoking can really affect their health.


Most people begin to drink for fun or socially, but eventually get addicted to it. From one glass a day, it turns into one bottle a day and then more.

Alcohol quickly controls your brain and it stops to function until alcohol reaches your body, which is why it is a common addition.


Most drugs are illegal, yet very common. People started to turn to drugs mainly in the 80s when cocaine became common and reached the US. It quickly plagued the society, and despite people being aware of its dangers, cocaine and other such drugs are still common all around the world.

Meth users are also growing in numbers despite government crackdown against illegal sales. While some countries have legalized some forms of drugs, we cannot deny the fact that it is still a common addiction.


They say people are not really addicted to gambling, but to money. However, research has proven that many people are addicted to gambling as it hits a section of a brain that releases dopamine which makes you happy and gives you a high that only gambling can give to you. As a result, you get addicted to gambling and cannot imagine a life without it.

Many people have lost their fortunes due to gambling as it is all about luck. It does not matter how good of a player you are, someone is always going to be better than you which is why there is a need to control gambling and to turn to responsible gambling.

This problem has become more common with the introduction of online gambling, which is still illegal in some countries.


Ever heard of someone getting addicted to food? Yes, it is common. Some people like to eat despite not being hungry, which is a common cause of obesity as well.

This is also one of the seven sins and there is a dire need to control this addiction due to health issues related to it.

The Internet

More and more people are getting addicted to the internet. Some use it to watch movies while some use it to just stay in touch with their friends and family. Whatever the reason, internet addiction is a reality today with some people spending over 10 hours on the web, which forces them to stay away from other activity that causes them to gain weight and even lose their confidence?

Video Games

This is not a new form of addiction, yet is very common. Many studies suggest that playing video games is good for all the right reasons, but when it turns into an addiction, you must take steps to reduce it.

This is all you need to know about addiction. If you or anyone close to you is addicted, take steps today to get over it.