Before I found the perfect mattress for me, I woke up every morning feeling exhausted and with a terrible backache. It was depressing not getting enough sleep because of the constant tossing and turning throughout the night. A lot of us have been in a similar situation. It took a lot of consultation with experts and research for me to find a solution – it was as simple as finding the right mattress! Spine soreness is among the many health complications that come up when we don’t get comfortable at night. Of course, you want to avoid such. The question, however, is how? There are numerous resources online that you can look to for whatever answers you seek.

Here is the best mattress advice that can help you to avoid spine soreness:

Change Your Mattress When The Time Comes

We all tend to make the mistake of sticking with a mattress even after it has outlived its purpose. It’s important to know when it’s time to get a new one. The reason why most of us have spine soreness is probably that we have a saggy, uncomfortable mattress. A bad bed results in a bad night’s sleep, and obviously, it comes with a list of other health complications. There are no shortcuts around an old mattress when it’s to purchase one just do so. It’ll save you a lot of trouble.

What’s Your Sleeping Position?

Each sleeping position will require a specific mattress. Whether you’re a back, belly or side sleeper, you’ll need to find a mattress that will be comfortable for your sleeping position. Purchasing a mattress that doesn’t compliment your sleeping style is the reason why most people suffer from spine soreness. This is because we end up straining ourselves in the process. Sleep is supposed to make you relaxed, not sore! Therefore, depending on your sleeping style, you can get a mattress as follows:

  • Stomach sleepers need a firm support
  • Side sleepers need a soft mattress
  • Back sleepers need a medium firm mattress, which means ‘not too firm’ to support your back while soft enough to contour your body.

Know the Qualities of The Mattress

There’s quite a number of terminologies that we must get familiar with to get the perfect mattress. ‘Spring,’ ‘memory foam,’ ‘padding,’ and ‘depth’ are some of these terms. I had to, and I must say, it did save me. To avoid any back pain or soreness, you need to understand these terms and how they apply.

The material used to make a mattress is also important. As you buy one, find out what material has been used. Memory foam is popular among people with back pain. However one needs to know the mattress density. A memory foam mattress would be just as bad when you don’t get the right density.

Back Support and Comfort

It’s important to find a balance between finding the right back support and getting comfortable. Unfortunately getting both can be difficult but it’s achievable. For instance, when you have spine soreness, a firm mattress with a more significant padding will be suitable to give you both comfort and the much needed back support.

Getting the perfect mattress can be tricky, but when you understand your preferences and needs, it can be quite easy. A good mattress will help you to avoid health issues such as a sore spine among others. With the above advice, you can definitely work your way around a sore spine caused by how you sleep.