Finding a wheelchair best suited to your needs is always the main priority, but once you’re out and about, there are many other assorted additions you can utilize to upgrade your equipment for an even more enjoyable ride.

Whether their purpose is to keep you safe, assist you in getting comfortable, or encouraging your independent mobility, this list is here to offer only some of the ideas on what accessories are available to you right now. Always speak to your physician first about which products they recommend, and then once you’ve got the green light, grab your detachable carrier bag and get shopping!

1. A Safety Belt
One should never overlook the importance of cozy cushions when accessorizing your ride, but all the soft padding on the market won’t mean much if you don’t stay in your chair! A safety belt is the simplest solution to strap you into position, which will not only avoid any potentially nasty falls, but is also a great way to improve confidence by constantly reminding you to correct your posture whilst controlling your balance.

This wheelchair attachment is particularly recommended for those adventurous wheelers who enjoy riding over rough terrain or are often faced with a steep mobility ramp, as these conditions can prove challenging for the even the most expert of navigators. Rather be cautious, buckle up tight, and then smoothly glide right past any accidents waiting to happen.

2. Gloves
If your wheelchair is motor-powered, gloves will not be an essential product on your shopping list. However, for those who prefer a manual chair, you should not even think twice before investing in these extra components, as they are specially produced to endure the repetitive motion of wheelchair usage. The continuous friction of your palms against the wheel can be extremely demanding on your hands, and this is known to lead to ugly blisters, calluses, or even numbness of the fingers.

Using this accessory will prevent these problem by protecting your hands against those ailments without obstructing any movement. If the weather has turned against you, damp wheels can wear your skin down even further, which makes this item’s necessity all the more urgent. So slip on your trusty poncho, clip on your wheelchair umbrella, and don your most stylish pair of gloves to minimize fatigue and increase your grip capabilities.

3. Mobility Ramps
One fact every wheelchair user will agree with, is that ramps for wheelchairs make life easier. Whether visiting a friend or running an errand, getting up and down a group of stairs is a hassle nobody wants to deal with. However, a quick look around at the abundant choices on the market, and all your troubles can disappear by purchasing an agile ramp which you (or your carer) can carry around, preventing any obstacle from getting in your way.

On that topic, if you find it difficult to get from your bed to your chair in the morning, you may also want to consider investing in a transfer board. It works like a strong bridge between surfaces and allows you to effortlessly relocate your body without much need of assistance, eradicating yet another challenge from your day.

4. A Table Tray
There is nothing worse than arriving at dinner only to discover that your wheelchair’s armrests won’t slide neatly under the table! Which is why portable trays were invented. Simply attach the steady surface to your chair, and there you go, your own personal table, many of which come with a glass or bottle holder, just to show off.

The benefits don’t end there either, as this lightweight tray can double as your work station. Place your laptop or notepad on the board to get some business done, or even casually read a book whilst sipping your favorite drink. What’s more, you don’t have to detach the tray to remobilise, which means you can complete these tasks on the move (although, it’s recommended you rather keep your eyes on the road instead!).

5. Mobility Lights

Finally, for those who value outdoor life after dark, it is imperative that you install mobility lights onto your wheelchair. Without these, drivers and pedestrians may not see you coming, and what’s more, you may not see them either. This risky type of neglect could lead to a hazardous encounter, so rather be safe than sorry, and light yourself up as much as possible.

But why stop the fun there? With so many colors and styles to choose from, you can become excessively creative with your lighting designs if you are so inclined, announcing your presence to passersby whilst being the coolest wheels in town.