Around 60 to 70 percent of men suffer from erectile dysfunction, but due to the social stigma attached to the condition, most of these men don’t even get around to seeking professional help. The awkwardness of the condition is such that most don’t even turn to discuss the problem with their loved ones or if they do, feelings of humiliation take over almost instantly.

The truth is that this problem is one that needs to be talked about instead of hushed, because there’s no reason for one to hide away considering the large number of people who are affected by it. The good news is that there are actually legitimate medications designed purely for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction. It’s a condition that won’t get better with time, but it’ll certainly keep getting worse if you refuse to discuss it with a medical practitioner.

However, if you continuously feel shy about having erectile dysfunction, you can also opt to self-medicate – but you must be sure that you really do have this condition, otherwise you’ll make matters worse for yourself. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when using erectile dysfunction medication:

The 20 Minute Rule

Before you take erectile dysfunction medication, it is vital that you give yourself a window of at least 20 minutes before engaging in sexual activities or sexual intercourse. These 20 minutes will give your body the time to adjust to the medicine properly since it’ll also be affecting your blood flow. If you rush into sex right after having the medicine, you won’t have given it enough time to do the work.

Eat Something

Just like you’re told not to take any antibiotics or any medication on an empty stomach, it’s same for erectile dysfunction medication as well. If you consume the tablets on an empty stomach, there’s a high possibility that you’ll start feeling nauseous and dizzy instead of getting into the mood.

Do Not Take EDM with Other Medication

If you’re currently on a course of antibiotics or any other medication for that matter, avoid consuming erectile dysfunction medication along with it. The mixture of two medicines of any kind can cause diverse affects, which are likely to make you feel like throwing up or nauseated in general. It can also cause your health or body temperatures to lower so don’t take the risk.

Contact Your Local Physician

You might think self-diagnosing yourself and consuming erectile dysfunction medication might be clever; however, it’s anything but that. There’s a very high chance that it could just be the fact that your sexual libido isn’t in the best condition currently, and you might not have erectile dysfunction to begin with. Consuming medication that you do not need will always mess with your metabolism and everything within it. Be smart about it, contact your local physician, and get a proper diagnosis beforehand.