Have you ever wondered why the pharmacist gives you an extra copy of the prescription label when you go to pick up your medications from the pharmacy? They do this because many people have to carry prescriptions with them since the medication has to be taken more than once or twice a day.

Women especially tend to carry larger purses in order to tote around everything from wallets to hand wipes, makeup, you name it. Trying to carry around and look for individual prescription bottles for mid-day or as needed medications can be a hassle in large bags that become like black holes. Eventually, if you cannot find what you’re looking for by digging for it in your bag, you just end up dumping the entire contents of the purse out.

Well there is a solution for keeping your medications organized with you on the go:

Use a pill organizer

Instead of carrying the individual bottles for each of your prescriptions, try using a pill case for your purse or briefcase. This will allow you to organize your medication by day and time. This is especially handy when you are traveling for an extended amount of time like a weekend getaway or vacation. You can get all your prescriptions organized and ready to go without having to worry about lugging a bunch of bottles. No more having to worry if you forgot a bottle at the hotel either.

There are different size pill cases to choose from depending on your needs. You can get one that will hold a week’s worth of medicines or one that holds up to a month’s worth of medications. You have the option to get an organizer that only holds one dose or one that holds two doses or even three doses. Look online or at your local pharmacy for the best pill cases.

Keep your prescription information handy

It is always wise to keep a list of all medications you are traveling with, the dosage, how often you take them, and the doctor that prescribed the medication, just in case there is any kind of incident or accident and that information is needed. The best way to do this is to take one of those little pocket sized notebooks and put the extra prescription labels from the pharmacy in the notebook.

Always make sure you have the most up to date prescription labels in your notebook. This will help any emergency workers that may come to your aide in the event of an accident or other incident which requires emergency assistance. Having your prescription labels in your notebook also makes it easier to order your refills while on the go.

Another way to keep track of your prescription information to download apps for you phone or tablet that track your prescriptions. These apps can also send you reminders when it is time to take your medications as well as when it’s time for you to schedule your refills. Leaving a list of your prescriptions with a family member in case of emergencies is another good suggestion to keep in mind as well.

Easy way to keep track of your medications

Using a pill organizer can ease the stress of remembering if you took your medications or if you may have skipped a dose. Having all your doses laid out will also help you to order refills at the right time so you don’t run out of your prescriptions. Keeping up to date prescription labels in your purse or briefcase will make your life a lot easier when having to refill your prescriptions while being out and about, as well as keep an organized record of your prescriptions in case of emergencies or when visiting a new doctor.