It is common knowledge that both the mommy and the baby benefit from breastfeeding. It is also common knowledge that it can be challenging. That is why every nursing mom needs support and encouragement. Especially first time moms. Therefore, the following tips can make breastfeeding less challenging and allow you to enjoy it:

Eat Healthy

Nursing comes right after delivering the baby, and during this period, your body is still recovering. Therefore, it is important for breastfeeding moms to eat healthy meals if they want to get the right nutrients. Eating healthy does not mean overeating; it just means that you should eat enough calories to meet the baby’s and your metabolic needs.

Nothing can Substitute Breast Milk

Unless your doctor tells you not to, you should undoubtedly breastfeed your baby. This milk is readily available because your body produces it in response to childbirth. Breast milk contains all the necessary nutrients and calories necessary to keep your child healthy in the initial stages of its life. Feed your child breast only with breast milk for the first six months and introduce a stable diet after while still continuing to breastfeed.

Start Breastfeeding Early

Ideally, your child should start breastfeeding within the first thirty minutes of birth. This will promote bonding and lessen the chances of suffering from neonatal hypoglycemia. A newborn baby also needs the first milk, also known as colostrum, which is full of fats, vitamins, and proteins.

Let the Baby Set the Pace

Breastfeed whenever your child wants to be fed. Because newborns have a small stomach capacity, they need to be fed every two to three hours. Do not force your baby to eat though. Hungry babies usually cry when they need milk.

Avoid Over-the-Counter Medication

When you are still breastfeeding, avoid taking un-prescribed meds. Any drug that you take will go to your breast milk, which means that it might harm your baby. As long as you are breastfeeding, avoid self-medicating and go to the hospital whenever you feel sick. You do not know how a drug will affect the development and growth of your young one.

Drink Water

Your body is mostly composed of water. Drinking plenty of water ensures sufficient production of breast milk and enables you to expel toxins from your body. This means that your body will be healthier if you drink enough water.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

A significant amount of alcohol and drugs will be secreted in breast milk. If you feed your baby these toxic substances, its growth and development will suffer. Tobacco and alcohol affect your baby’s lungs, heart, and brain cells and are known to cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Take Care of Your Breasts

If you are a nursing mom, you need to take care of your breasts. You need to wash your nipples and breasts with mild soap and water before you breastfeed your child. To stop a newborn from painfully latching onto your nipples, ensure that its mouth covers the entire areola. Nipple biting can result in cracks and they will act as a window for letting bacteria into your body, leading to breast tissue infection.


You might be wondering where you will get the time to exercise because you are always caring for your newborn. However, exercise will allow your body to heal faster and keep it functioning at optimum levels. Exercising will also help shed fat and promote healthy bones.

Ask for Help

Do not think of asking for help as a weakness but as a sign of courage. Ask for help from experienced moms and lactation experts if you are feeling overwhelmed. You also need to consider breastfeeding insurance coverage if you plan to go back to work.