Whenever you fix some target in your mind, you feel an impulse to getting it achieved as early as possible. In our haste in achieving our target we often take steps which harm our body as well as mental state. The same is true for the persons undergoing some weight loss program. Nature takes its own course and time for effecting any change. We have to be patient enough to allow our body to alter its course slowly and gradually. A slow and gradual change would give you lasting result. These few points have to be borne in mind before going in for any weight loss program, particularly for the very low calorie dietary regimes like HCG VLCD. Resorting to frequent weight measurement becomes one passion for the participants of such programs. While it is good to monitor the progress in weight loss, too frequent measurement of weight needs to be avoided. You may develop OCD like symptoms. You may also get disheartened when the weight loss is not as per your expectation.

Weight tracking in hcg dietary regime

While you are on hcg diet make a habit of checking your weight once in a week. The measurement should be taken in the morning after you are relieved of your stomach load. You may keep the weighing machine in your toilet. The advantage of measuring your weight once in a week is that you would be able to notice changes which will motivate you for the rigorous exercise through which you have put yourself into. People undergoing HCG VLCD program find pleasure in measuring their weight as the dietary regime accompanied by weight loss drops like hcg that enables them fast reduction of weight. The highlight point of this dietary plan is that you won’t feel hungry, neither will you lack in energy.

The uniqueness of hcg drops

The hcg drops are prepared from the naturally occurring hormone found in humans. This hormone is found in abundance in pregnant women and can be collected from the urine. This hormone is the burning example, how much the Mother Nature is concerned for the propagation and nurturing of the species. In fact this hormone takes special care to maintain the pregnancy. In cases when the mother is ill nourished the HCG hormone activates other body hormones for getting energy by burning the body fats and protecting the fetus. Dr. Albert Theodore William Simeons, after noticing this unique characteristic of the hormone, decided to use it for shedding weight of the obese people of the world. He had creatively designed a very low calorie diet plan administering hcg drops daily. This dietary regime is now the most popular among all the weight loss programs all over the world.

HCG diet plan

The hcg dietary plan is one of the extreme very low calorie dietary regimes designed for fast weight loss. It has been scientifically structured preparing the body metabolism for the gradual shift to low calorie hcg recipes. Due importance has been given for stabilizing as well as maintaining the results achieved.

In order to accomplish the above mentioned objectives the hcg diet campaign has been divided into four distinct phases. The phases have been suitably named as Loading Phase, Working Phase, Stabilization Phase and Maintenance Phase.

Loading Phase

This is a unique concept of Dr. Simeons in which he tended to load the body of the patient with huge quantity of energy before pushing him into vigorous dietary regime. This phase lasts for one to two days. The patient is asked to take high fat content foods beyond his satiating level. The HCG VLCD specifies the list of HCG foods which is to be adhered to strictly. The success of the future phases depends to a great extent on this phase when the body prepares itself for the ensuing onslaught. The hcg drops starts right from this phase. The medicine takes two to three days to begin its action during which the body deposits sufficient fats for starting the burning session. In this way preliminary shock to the body metabolism is avoided.

Working Phase

By this time the medicine has already started its action. In this phase the patient is subjected to very low calorie diet, restricting the intake to 500 calories per day. In addition to restricting the calorie intake to 500 calories per day, the dietary plan asks him to stick to a single type of vegetable, fruit and lean meat. Intake of sugar and fat are completely prohibited. The duration of this phase can be 18 to 40 depending upon the weight loss requirement of the user. The weight loss rate also depends on life style of the patient. Less active, lethargic patients who prefer to pass time lying down will require more time compared to the active persons who burn energy in day to day activities. The hcg drops will continue throughout this stage.

Stabilization Phase

This phase is meant for stabilizing the benefits which are accrued in the above two phases. The hcg drops are stopped but the calorie intake is still limited to 500 calories per day. It has been however tried to introduce some varieties in the choice of hcg recipes. During this phase the patients are in jubilant moods reducing much of their unnecessary fats. They start feeling energetic and smart. The feeling of coming nearer to the completion stage excites the patients.

Maintenance Phase

In this phase the patients are slowly prepared for higher calorie intake. The intake is gradually increased to 1500 calories per day. You are given free hand in the selection of foods. Take care to see that the total intake per day is limited strictly to 1500 calories. Small amount of sugar and cream are also allowed, though by this time you will not have much craving for the sweets.

It is important to follow the instructions which are provided with the hcg drops. Hcg drops of each manufacturer are different from the others. The dietary plans may differ from each other though the differences will be slight.

Most people will be recovered through one session. For highly obese persons more sessions may be required.