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Top ten medical inventions of 2017

Top medical inventions

2017 has been a great year for the tech world and specifically the medical inventions through the innovation and upgrading of new stunning technologies in health. Some of the most innovative sensors, wearables and  gadgets include:


This is an FDA-approved wearable that uses sensors to record heart rate, variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, heart rate variability and activity data. This clinically data can be synced to the official Qardio app or Apple’s Health app. QardioCore promises an easily usable heart monitor that is discreet without patches or wires.

Motio HW Sleep Apnea Smartwatch

Ever heard of apnea? In case you haven’t, this is a very lethal health condition which basically involves the periodic loss of breadth while sleeping. Apnoea may lead to other complications such as somnolence, brain attacks or even heart disease. Neogia offers  a solution to this problem by introducing the smart watch MOTIO HW which is wearable and has a personalized artificial intelligence that obtains data from the user and thus improves their sleeping quality.


The hustle of checking a small child’s temperature is over through the introduction of TempTraq which continuously senses, records and sends the data received to the caregiver’s mobile phones thus keeping track of the baby without unnecessarily disturbing the child.



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Mio Slice

Everybody has different body needs which call for a personalized health solution and fitness plan. Mio Slice takes that into account and while it looks and acts like the normal fitness tracker measuring steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and sleep, it includes its own Personal Activity Index which in response to your physical activity and heart rate, provides you with a personalized target score.

Aira Smart Glasses

It’s very difficult to cruise through the world if you cannot see your environment. Aira offers help to the visually impaired whereby using a phone camera or smart glasses, an Aira agent is allowed by the system to see what a visually impaired person sees in real time and thus be able to talk then through whatever situation they are in. You can even become an agent and help the company.


This is a pregnancy wearable small device that is attached to the baby bump by reading the electrical activity in the uterine muscle wall, measures contractions. it helps in differentiating between false alarms and actual contractions as it sends the data collected to your smart phone for interpretation.

2Breathe Sleep Inducer

It combines some calming melodies, a smart phone app and a Bluetooth sensor. It is worn around the waist and by analyzing your breathing patterns, guides your phone to play soothing music to reduce brain activity and prolong exhalation thus making you sleepy.

Motiv Ring

The ring comes with a step counter, sleep tracker and heart rate monitor thus acting like a fitness tracker. While the ring is stylish, elegant and tasteful, it can also withstand the elements so u can wear it anytime anywhere.

Samsung S-Skin

Made up of a portable device that can analyse your skin and a micro needle patch, S-Skin gives you solutions and proposes skincare products that you might be able to use. It also has an LED light that measures dryness, redness, melanin and skin hydration and saves the data on your app for monitoring the changes.


It measures real-time heart rate, body temperature, speed and distance from your ear. You can also listen to music and make telephone calls from the device as it nicely fits into your ear.