Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, popularly known as HCG is a hormone found in females mainly at the time of pregnancy. This hormone production takes place after implantation and is done by placenta. The role of this hormone is to ensure proper fetus growth, development of sexual organs in fetus, and boosting the energy levels in the expectant mother. HCG is natural growth hormone known to be playing key role at the time of pregnancy.

However, this naturally occurring hormone in female body is now being administered artificially as well due to the several health benefits it has to offer. The major application of this hormone is now being made in weight loss treatment. The hormone is said to be offering faster weight loss without any side-effects. It stimulates hypothalamus that further mobilizes fat and instructs the body to burn fat to meet up with the artificially created calorie deficit. HCG should be clubbed with certain dietary and lifestyle changes in order to get the optimum results.

HCG diet plan recommendations are always offered by the manufacturer along with HCG drops to ensure satisfactory results. This diet will offer good results but those looking out for quicker results may try the below tips to get the most out of HCG diet.

  1. Understand the diet plan well before starting

HCG diet plan comes with many do’s and don’ts! If you start it directly then chances are there that you end up leaving it on day 1 due to lack of preparation. Your body, mind, and even the pantry needs to be prepared well in advance to continue this diet for longer period. Reading and understanding the diet plan thoroughly before starting would allow you to shop for the necessities well in advance. HCG diet plan is very strict on calorie intake and hence you need to be careful with the calories you add to your diet. Proper planning and understanding of diet beforehand would help you count the calories accurately.

  1. Plan and prepare meals in advance

Once you know the diet you need to take, it becomes easy to plan and prepare the meals in advance. Based on the calorie needs, make sure that you prepare the meals for the day in advance. The 500 calorie diet in HCG diet plan, which is also known as VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) is quite crucial plan that needs to be followed properly for desired results. This plan may come with certain list of foods and recommended serving sizes to ensure uniform weight loss across different subjects. Prior planning and preparation would let you adhere to these recommendations.

  1. Drink lots and lots of water

Water checks the craving for food. Drinking more and more water while following HCG diet plan would make this plan easier and more effective. Water acts as a medium to mobilize and flush out excess fat from the body. It also fights hunger pangs by keeping the stomach full. It aids digestion and ensures proper absorption of food that you eat. Studies have shown that drinking water equivalent to half your weight in ounces, with minimum intake of 68 ounces would deliver good results. Low water intake while following HCG diet would reduce the effectiveness of HCG diet plan.

  1. Rotation of source of nutrition

Rotation of source of nutrition is quite important. This means that if you are asked to have protein, then rotate the protein sources for better absorption. Include variety of foods recommended in the diet plan to avail the required nutrition to enhance the effect of HCG for weight loss. Bring the variety in diet by adding all types of vegetables, fruits, and proteins to it. Make sure to add variation to each meal in order get complete nutrition along with weight loss.

  1. Maintain the protocol

HCG diet plan is scientifically designed diet to offer healthy weight loss. It is therefore very important to follow the diet protocol to avoid any side-effects. HCG diet plan is divided into different phases and each phase has its own protocol to be followed. This protocol includes allowed cosmetics, seasoning, calories, and foods. Learn about all these things properly to maintain the protocol. Follow the protocol even after the completion of HCG diet plan to maintain what you have achieved!

Make your weight loss goals a reality by opting for only reliable HCG diet plan as there are many companies out there claiming to be best in the industry, but you should select only the best based on the results and reviews.

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