If you are conscious about your health and reading health articles is your favorite pastime then you might have come across lot many write-ups stating the benefits of brown foods and the reasons to avoid white foods. The most common health advice that you may come across is “Avoid White Foods”, this is true, but there is another side to it as well. There are some white foods that are good for health and may not be avoided if you are really concerned about your health. 5 such white foods that may always be there on your plate are given here to make you plan your meals better!

  1. Cottage Cheese – Cottage cheese is the cheese produced from curdled milk. It is usually consumed fresh and may not require time to mature or get its flavor.

If you avoid this food just because it is white then you are doing wrong to your health. Cottage cheese is full of protein and calcium. It can be added to salads and sandwiches without affecting the calorie count. If you are too much concerned about the calories, then look for the low fat cottage cheese options.

  1. Garlic – Garlic is white, but it is not the food you may avoid. It is used to add flavor to curries and savory dishes. Research has also proved that garlic brings down the bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol levels in the body.

Anti-oxidant rich member of onion family is quite effective in keeping cold and flu at bay. Have one clove of garlic as first thing in the morning to get relief from hypertension, cholesterol, and also boost immunity. 

  1. Cauliflower – Cruciferous family vegetables are all loaded with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Cauliflower is also one of the vital members of this family along with cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

This white colored vegetable strengthens your bone tissues, increases hemoglobin levels in blood, maintains the health of blood vessels, and also has cancer fighting properties. It is one of the healthiest white foods.

  1. White Beans – Beans are appreciated a lot for their fiber and protein content. There are various types of beans that can be added to your diet to boost health and immunity. You will find these beans in different colors and all of them are nutrient dense in nature. White beans, as the name suggests are white in color and are rich in minerals, iron, protein, and fiber. You can get up to 10 g of protein and 7 g of fiber from just half cup of cooked beans, which is quite a lot compared to other foods having same calorie content.
  2. Potatoes – Potatoes go well with just anything. Many weight loss aspirants simply remove potatoes from their diet but this is strictly not recommended. Having a baked potato in moderation may lower the effects of sodium in your body because of its high potassium content. This fiber rich white vegetable is affordable, versatile, and tasty too.

Avoiding white foods for healthy body is recommended but with few exceptions as stated above!

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Being a health enthusiast and weight watcher, Karishma has tried various techniques to attain health and fitness. She loves writing on these techniques and have written numerous health and lifestyle management articles as a part of her article writing career.