Why sometimes you are full of strength, like Hercules, and sometimes you, on the contrary, feel like a squeezed lemon, passed the line of retirement age? Watch it – a simple instruction from Jump4Love.com on how to give yourself an extra charge of vivacity. Our five tips are a source of power that is always available. Use it and do great things!

  1. Provide yourself with a constant source of energy. Usually, one meal is enough for an organism for 2-3 hours, during that time it can work at full power. “And then, if you do not eat again, your batteries will start to run down,” says Shang Porter, a member of the British Association of Dieticians. Meals should be small and regular. “Take care that food is fat, rich of protein, fiber and there is a little sweetness,” adds Porter. “For example: fish with rice and vegetables, and then yogurt.” If you are used to eating 3 times a day in large portions – you can forget about an active lifestyle. Your effectiveness directly depends on what kind of fuel you supply the body and how much. So make sure that the diet is full, but never overeat.
  2. Before and after. After you eat food, our body starts to work with it: from proteins it gets amino acids, from carbohydrates – glucose, from fat – fatty acids. Useful information, although it is unlikely it will help you maintain a conversation on a date. But what exactly is useful on a date is information after what dinner you will be more likely to be ready for deeds. “Fatty food requires more expenditure for its assimilation, and while it is being processed, you are weakening,” says Porter. So, if you need a maximum of energy, choose pure source of protein (for example, chicken on a grill) on the menu, and save fatty foods for days when after dinner you can afford to take a nap. In general, it is better to reduce the consumption of such food to a minimum. Start cooking on the grill, use a minimum of oil. If you can not live without fat meat, make sure that you have a lot of vegetables in your diet. Without them, your favorite meat dishes will do more harm than good. Make vegetables the basis of your diet.
  3. Direct injection. The food you eat the liver turns into glycerin, which becomes glucose – fuel for the body in its pure form. It is glucose that is absorbed by the cells, providing them with energy. Sports drinks with a glucose content of 6-8% provide the fastest burst of energy. We do not promise that such a drink will affect you, as a spinach bank for Sailor Popeye, but from real (and legal) methods this one seems to be the best. If you do not have a bottle with a sports drink, then jelly “bears” or even a piece of bread with jam will do it too. However, take into account: if you eat too much sugar you will feel a surge of vivacity, and then a sharp decline in strength. So be careful!
  4. Press the accelerator pedal all the way! Remember the school course of biology: inside the cells of your body there are the mitochondria, whose life is the synthesis of energy for the operation of these very cells. With age mitochondria fail, but like other parts of your body, they love sports. Researchers from Mayo Clinic found that three 90-minute bike rides (or trainings on a stationary bike) per week are enough to normalize mitochondrial work. So it all depends on you. If you will not be lazy and let the bike rust around in the garage – your mitochondria will be in perfect form!
  5. Tuning. When you demand something from your body, it triggers complex reactions to solve set tasks. You make an effort, and the pituitary gland gives the command of the liver to release a bundle of energy substances into the blood. But the speed and quality of the system response to your orders directly depend on how well the neural connections work. The more often you teach your body new skills, the better it is. Studies show that even if the right-hander simply begins to use his left hand more often in everyday affairs (for example, to dial sms using it), he thereby restores damaged neural connections and even creates new ones. The basis of health is the desire to explore the world!