You have got a new hair extensions job done, and now your friends are planning a group swimming pool party! What should you do? The very first thing that you must do is rejoice with joy and excitement. Swimming with hair extensions is no more pain as we bring you the best tips to prevent hair extensions while swimming. So, before you pack your baggage for the party, check out these awesome tips!

  1. Pre-Conditioning

Before you begin swimming, make sure you precondition your hair. Even if you wear a swim cap still there are chances that the hair ends might become wet. So, pre-condition your hair to keep them away from harmful chlorine or salts in the water.

  1. Check for Loose Extensions

Before you get into the pool, make sure to check for loose hair extensions. It is better to check for the loose extensions quite a time before. If you experience any loose extensions, then either glue them with a quick hair extension sealant or cover them properly so that it does not damage.

  1. Wear Swim Caps

Swim caps cannot keep all water away from the hair, but they can always protect them to a great extent. Wearing swim cap is a wise way to minimize the contact of water with the hair extensions. You can choose among the various swimming caps available. The latex caps offer an excellent tight fit and are cheaper than others. Silicone caps are thicker and slightly more expensive. They are softer on hair but don’t keep much water away. Lycra caps are designed to keep hair away from the face. They may not offer complete protection against water in the pool but are lightweight.

  1. Coat Hair Ends with Conditioner

Before you go for swimming, just coat your hair ends with a good conditioner. These conditioners remove chemicals, chlorine, and minerals away from your hair. Conditioners also make sure that the ends do not dry up. Also, chlorine can result in damaging and drying of hair and can become brittle and prone to break. Conditioners are excellent to prevent such things from happening.

  1. Wash Thoroughly Right After Swimming

Once you are done with the swimming, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly using a good shampoo and conditioner. It is important to wash your hair right after swimming. This is essential to make sure that all the chlorine, minerals, and other harmful substances that might have entered into your hair wash away. This way, you will not experience any damage of your hair extensions and have healthy hair.

  1. Avoid Using Hot Hair Drying or Hot Hair Styling Tools

To make sure that the hair does not dry after swimming, you must avoid using hot hair drying or hair styling tools. Curlers, rollers, blow dryers, flat irons, and such similar tools can result in drying of hair, which might result in further damage and breaking of the extensions. If you are a regular swimmer, then you must not use these products at all. They offer direct hear contact to the hair and result in high hair damage.

  1. Moisturizing

After you are done with cleansing and conditioning of your hair, it is time to moisturize it. You can use a light moisturizer or a hair serum that adds moisture to the hair and impart them with the strength, shine, and good health.

Whether it is a pool party or an ocean party, these tips will make sure that your hair extensions stay healthy and do not meet any damage. So, just be a little precautions and enjoy your party to the fullest!