If you have never heard about CBD oil before, then you are missing out on a supplement that has a huge amount of health benefits. While it comes from the same plant that gives us marijuana, CBD oil is very different. Here is a look at the six most important and unbelievable facts that you should know about CBD oil. These facts will make you seriously consider adding CBD oil into your regular intake of supplements.

  1. Will NOT Get You High

CBD is not going to get high in the same way as smoking or eating marijuana. The reason is because of THC. Not only does THC cause us to feel euphoric, but it also has an impact on the CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors in our brain. This is why we will experience a feeling of calmness, or a feeling of being drowsy, when smoking or injecting marijuana. But these effects are not present with CBD oil.

  1. It is Legal

One of the first questions we are asked is CBD oil legal? The answer may surprise you. Most people assume that it is illegal, but the oil that we get from the hemp plant is completely legal. The reason why it is legal, while marijuana is illegal in many places, is because of the very low or nonexistent levels of THC in CBD. It is the THC in marijuana that alters our mind and has other possibly negative effects, but since it is barely present in CBD, the oil is not illegal.

  1. Varied Cannabinoid Levels

The levels of CBD and THC that you are going to get in hemp plans are varied. That is why some hemp plants will result in marijuana, while we get CBD oil from others. It is the balance of CBD and THC in the plant that determines how it will be used, whether its growth and sale is legal, and how it will impact our body.

  1. Do NOT Need a Prescription

If you wish to get CBD oil, you can buy it directly from a store or online. You do not need to get a prescription from a doctor, and you do not need any other special permissions to buy or use this substance. But we would say that if you are considering taking CBD oil regularly, you should at least have a conversation with your doctor about whether it is suitable for your needs.

  1. Medicinal Value

Studies have shown us that there is true medicinal value to CBD oil. It helps soothe feelings such as nausea or vomiting, while it is also an anti-oxidant. It can work as an anti-inflammatory substance too. Some studies also suggest that CBD can boost our appetite and decrease any pain we are feeling.

  1. Helps with Fighting Cancer

Several studies that were released by the National Cancer Institute show that there is a link between CBD and the reduction of cancer cells spreading in the body. These studies are still very new, and they are not conclusive. However, many experts believe that CBD oil could play a key role in beating cancer.