Imagine a platform where all the resources needed to prep for medical exams is just a click away. Look no further – AMBOSS has arrived! AMBOSS is a breakthrough learning platform dedicated to helping future physicians succeed on exams and clerkship. No longer do medical students have to access dozens of different resources to cram for exams!  High-yield resources are now located in one place. Individual questions, answers and explanations are written by a team of 50+ physicians with quality references ranging from established medical textbooks to the most up-to-date journal articles and guidelines. The interactive, subject-optimized AMBOSS Qbank includes over 1000 questions pertaining to all medical topics, will full Shelf prep available for Surgery, Neurology, Pediatrics and OB/GYN. New content is added daily and full exam preparation packages for Shelfs and Steps are continually launching.

Interlink the Qbank with the clinical knowledge library to easily switch between Learning Cards, questions, subject texts and high-yield outlines. In-depth synchronicity makes the library of Learning Cards comprehensive and comprehensible all at the same time. Continuously updated clinical content, which is tailored for both instant review and high impact learning, is readily available.

With AMBOSS, students can choose how deep they want to delve into a topic, while the wide array of content and features have something to offer for just about any type of learner. Not only that, the program adapts its recommendations to both a user’s past performance and current study needs. While some questions are more challenging than others, the AMBOSS Qbank doesn’t just give you the answers to questions you may not understand – it teaches you how to solve USMLE-style questions. Simply put, you are getting the knowledge you need to score high on any exam while learning how to answer USMLE-style questions more effectively.

AMBOSS can be custom tailored to be the study platform a user wants it to be. Focus only on questions, pinpoint only the areas you need to study harder, or use it as a clinical companion on the wards.

In a nutshell, the Qbank and clinical knowledge library is everything you need at the click of a button. No more wasting time looking in outdated books or trying to find the information you need via Google. No more need to keep a separate notebook. By accessing AMBOSS, you have 100% uptime of studying- not searching or managing content. It saves you time, which leaves more space for studying and those other important things in your life!

Check out this video to learn more. You can also explore AMBOSS by visiting their website here and accessing a free 5-day trial or check them out on Facebook and Instagram!  

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