Hair loss is one problem faced by most people these days. There could be many factors contributing to hair loss and other hair problems. Any underlying sickness such as diabetes, anemia, cardiac problems, hormonal imbalance and excessive use of hair styling products could be the reasons for extensive hair loss. Apart from taking a healthy diet or using (plasma rich protein) PRP for hair loss, you can use henna for hair growth.

Natural Henna for Hair Growth

Are you one of those who has always wished for long hair? The growth of the hair is linked directly to a healthy diet. Henna is a herb found naturally and is used extensively for coloring hair. In addition to hair coloring, henna has many other benefits. Henna can be used to prevent dandruff. Henna also aids in reducing the itching of the scalp by nourishing it. Henna stimulates hair growth by acting as an excellent conditioner. So use natural henna for hair growth and make use of all the benefits of it.

It is quite easy to identify the henna to be natural or having some additives in it. Naturally occurring henna has a unique smell. It smells very earthy or like that of a wet bark of the tree. Natural henna for hair is made by crushing and grinding the henna leaves, either forming a paste or powder. Few additives are involved in making of henna paste to give the consumers the desired color they want on their hair and skin.        

Healthy Diet and Hair Growth

A nutritious diet is very paramount for the proper growth of the body including the hair. Having plenty of green leafy vegetables, beans, seeds, pulses, fruits, chicken, and fish are essentials to involve in an everyday meal. Water intake is crucial for the overall development of the body.

Consuming ample glasses of water every day will help in making your hair develop a natural sheen and glow. Apart from water, you can also take fruit juices and vegetable juices to keep yourself hydrated. These things will stimulate natural hair growth and help you get the long hair you always wanted!

Stress plays a vital role in hair loss. If your body and mind are under pressure or stress of any kind, it will directly affect your hair growth. Physical and mental stress both affect the amount of hair fall that occurs. So pamper your hair by avoiding stress as much as possible.

10 Steps To Help Hair Grow Naturally

Eating well is an important contributing factor for the growth of hair. It is also important to exercise regularly to keep your body active. Regular exercise stimulates the body mechanisms and this, in turn, will aid in hair growth.

It is crucial to trim your hair so as to get rid of the split ends. Coconut oil is an important and healthy thing for your hair. Hair growth can be stimulated naturally massaging coconut oil on the scalp. Massages play a significant role in hair growth as they increase blood circulation.

Apart from coconut oil, almond oil  is also very healthy for hair growth. Regular massages with almond oil will stimulate hair growth and help in increasing the hair length. Proper blood supply through hair oil massage with benefits of olive oil for hair it lead to healthy hair growth by giving the right nourishment to the hair.

It is important to keep in mind that the kind of comb you use will play a vital role in hair fall. It is good to brush your hair and keep them free from getting tangled. However, brushing your hair when they are wet and also too much of combing can lead to hair breakage. So make use of your gentle fingers to get rid of the tangles in your tresses as it is an excellent way to keep the hair safe from breakage.

Make sure you keep your hair covered when you are going out in the sun. It will ward off the pollutant and dust particles from damaging your tresses. You could cover the hair with a head scarf to keep them protected. Taking a head bath on a regular basis plays a vital role in keeping the hair healthy. It is important to cleanse the hair off the dirt they face on a daily basis.

Henna For Hair Benefits

You can opt for some natural hair packs like ajwain benefits for hair  to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair fall. It will turn out to be inexpensive and also help you get the bright, long hair you always yearned! Using henna at a maximum of twice a month is known to be very beneficial for the hair. Henna for hair color is the best way to dye your hair naturally.

Henna aids in making hair bouncy, glossy and healthy when used on a regular basis. Henna is known widely for repairing the damaged hair by acting as a natural conditioner. It helps each strand of hair build a protective layer around it to help in locking the essential nutrients that are needed. It also helps the hair from getting too frizzy and dry hence you must use henna for hair benefits.

Egg white with henna is an excellent hair pack. Many people also add hair oil while making the hair pack. It will help in making the hair less dry and keep them nourished well. Many people add green tea and lemon in henna while making the hair pack. Curd is also known to be very effective in treating hair along with henna.

Fenugreek seeds and mustard oil are very common additives used in the henna hair packs. They will give hair the right kind of conditioning it needs. It, in turn, will make the hair bright, glossy and with a good volume.

Henna provides a dual coating on the hair strands. It is an important aspect in preventing hair fall. It gives the extra strength to each and every strand of hair and thus reduces hair fall to a considerable extent.

Once henna is applied on the hair as a hair pack, you will observe that soon soft hair start to grow on the scalp. Henna not only helps in increasing the length of the hair, but it also helps in growing new hair on the scalp. Hence it is best to use henna for hair growth.

Henna For Hair Coloring

Henna is used by people by and large for the coloring of hair. It is a natural hair coloring agent and has many benefits too! Though the chemical products tend to give you faster results, they have many disadvantages. It is always best to use henna hair color along with other natural herbs to dye the hair.

Chemical coloring agents are unsafe if used for prolonged durations of time as they mostly contain ammonia and other toxins. The chemical coloring is known to cause skin allergies, rashes, and itching in many people. Other disastrous effects can be blisters or boils on the point of application, asthma attack and can even lead to skin cancer.

Henna hair dye, on the other hand, helps in making your hair stronger, silky and gives a natural sheen to hair. Henna can be used to color gray or white hair for coloring. Henna can never be used to lighten the existing hair tone because it isn’t a bleaching agent. It is entirely safe to use henna as it is a natural product. From ancient times, henna has been used for its benefits. Allergy to natural henna is very uncommon as it suits to most people’s skin.

Best Hair Packs For Healthy And Voluminous Hair

Many scalp problems can be treated naturally at home by using henna along with few other naturally occurring herbs. Ayurveda has proved henna for hair growth to be sufficient along with materials like Amla, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and Skikakai.

Many people prefer to apply henna leaves on the scalp rather than using the henna powder. Mixing henna leaves with mustard seeds or fenugreek seeds make a good hair pack. It can later be sieved through a muslin cloth before applied on the scalp.

You can also add some fragrance to the hair packs. Conventional additives for fragrance include ginger, cinnamon, lavender and many others. Though henna has its unique smell that is preferred by people, many others still prefer scents.

Henna helps in conditioning the hair naturally by giving a smooth finish to the cuticles of the hair. It closes each strand of hair and hence retains the required moisture and nutrients which in turn, will give the hair a natural sheen and make them lustrous. Thus the use of henna for hair benefits must be incorporated in your hair care regime!

Guidelines For Effective Use Of Henna

The benefits of henna for hair are innumerable, but it is also important to understand that you will have to keep few important points in mind to get the best benefits of henna. Henna will not work quickly as the chemical agents. Henna works slowly on your hair but effectively. So it is important to have patience and wait for the best results.

It might seem time-consuming to apply henna on hair and keep it on for 2hours before washing. However, henna hair dye is the best way to color hair naturally. It not only washes the hair by helping you get rid of gray hair but also makes your hair healthy.

A semi-wet scalp is best for application of henna. The henna pack must be used to the scalp in small portions. The application of henna by a hair brush or hands must always be made in one direction only. If the direction is changed in between of the application, it will, in turn, lead to excessive hair breakage as the henna dries.

The quantity of henna for hair growth to be applied on the hair depends upon the length of the hair and also the thickness of the hair. It is very critical to remember to use henna on the hair roots. Nourishment of the hair roots will keep them healthy and not just the hair strands. After the application of henna, shampoo must be avoided as it will help you get the best results from using henna.

Henna hair color is completely natural and safe to use. It prevents split ends, brittle hair and gives the hair the right kind of volume and bounce. Selecting a good brand of henna is important to get the best results. It is very simple to identify the quality of the henna from its color as well as smell.

Natural Henna Powder For Hair

Natural henna powder for hair has an olive green shade along with a smooth smell. Henna works best when soaked in an iron container because it oxidizes the henna. You can look for the bright shade that henna would give the hair while you mix the henna paste. The color that henna imparts to hair looks very natural. The artificial colors mostly tend to make your hair look very fake by the distinct shades and hues.

Henna is famous not just for the coloring of the hair, but also in preventing the premature graying of the hair. Henna aids in balancing the pH levels of the scalp. If the scalp is healthy, then problems like dandruff and itching will remain at bay.

The coloring effect of henna will depend upon the quality of henna used. The effect of the color also depends on the time of which the henna is on the hair. The longer the time you keep henna on the scalp, the better the color will be.

If henna is left aside, it will start to thicken and become difficult to handle. You can make the henna paste smooth by adding water or any essential oil. It will then become easy to mix and handle the henna paste. Adding sugar to the henna dough also helps in making the paste smooth.

It is important to be open-minded when you are trying out things. So make the henna hair pack as per your hair needs and wait for the results. What might have worked well for someone might not be equally effective for your hair. So carry out your research and choose the best henna hair packs for your hair care today!