Online pharmacies are not so common in western countries for prescription medications probably because they are very much regulated by federal governments. However, you will see OTC drugs being sold online all the time. The issue with selling prescription medication online is that the pharmacies won’t know who is getting them in their hands on the door step.

In Pakistan, however this is not the case because a lot of prescription medications along with neighboring Asian countries are sold as OTC drugs. You can buy a vial of Propofol just by walking in any pharmacy and walk away without a question asked.

Now in Pakistan you don’t even have to do that by walking in the pharmacy. You can just order it online. It is a step forward for the genuine patients and those who really have a legit prescription. However, it needs to be regulated more.

Here are the top 10 prescription medication online ordering pharmacies in Pakistan.

  1. (8/10): This is probably the best online pharmacy you will find online in Pakistan. Their database is easy to search. You can even search by generic names. It is owned and operated by Apothecare Private Limited which is a project of Fazal Din Group.
  2. Healthonline (6/10):  The second best option you have is Healthonline by a reputed group. They own Medplus pharmacies, Hamid Latif Hospital and Rashid Latif Medical College. They are based in Lahore and ship from here. Their database needs some work to be done as one cannot search by generic names of the drugs.
  3. (4/10): They claim they are a licensed pharmacy in Pakistan with a national tax ID. They are based in Karachi. However they don’t have any address of their headquarters or any person of contact who is working there. If you search their database it is difficult to search by generic names of drugs.
  4. (3/10): They don’t have a registered license number, no address and no national tax ID written anywhere. They have a toll free number for help which will sometimes be not working. Some other WhatsApp numbers are available for sending prescriptions written by your physicians. However it is unknown who is reading them and dispensing the drugs.
  5. (3/10): They have no address, no license number mentioned on their website. A phone number is mentioned which is a cellphone number. Their database is difficult to search too. A mere search of their database with generic drug names yield nothing.
  6. Livewell (2/10): No identification numbers. There is a helpline number mentioned. “About Us” yields to a page that states nothing about the founder, the executive team or the headquarters address. A link to “Store Locations” yields to a “Page Not Found” page. The website also doesn’t use SSL so your health information is not encrypted.
  7. (1/10): This is not a pharmaceutical company or store. They are a online marketplace where any vendor can sell their products and make a commission. take it’s cut and walks away. They neither sell directly nor are responsible for the drugs.