There are palpable benefits to using off the shelf lateral flow strip test readers. The first that comes to mind is the ease of marketing that is included once you decide to source your strip test readers in this form.

If you’re struggling to figure out whether it’s worth it to source off the shelf, you might find this article informative enough to help you make a decision. In the paragraphs to follow we will explore the various benefits of using this method and how it can help you better optimize your efforts.

First of all, you can count on it to provide you with lighter bills as far as implementation goes. If you choose to go full custom as far as your units are concerned, there is no doubt that the prices will be inflated accordingly.

Speaking of custom units, there is also a legitimate concern regarding commercialization problems you might run into by adopting them. If you’re looking to take as few risks as possible, off the shelf units will definitely favor your efforts.

The results that you come up with will also be positively influenced as in you will receive documented results in an objective manner, which is exactly what you are looking for (most people in your position are, anyway).

Even though this solution is affordable and simple to operate, it doesn’t mean that it is dumbed down in terms of results. These readers are effective and show an elevated sensitivity that will reflect in their performance.

There are several top notch companies that excel at providing competent solutions in terms of test strip readers, so you definitely won’t run into problems such as not finding anyone to provide them.  QIAGEN and LRDE, but also Axxin are reliable and high end providers that can meet your requirements.