Making your own supplement has tons of benefits and it is actually quite simple to do. All you need is the right tools and ingredients as well as the recipe and you are set to go.

The truth is, it can save you money as well as make you healthy. Once you get the right equipment, you can save up to 90% of the cost of buying commercial supplements. Lets say, you are spending $100 a month, making your own could save you up to $1000 a year.

Aside from saving you loads of money, it also makes it easier to personalize the ingredients based on your body’s needs and your personal goals. Each person’s goal is different and making your own supplement ensures that your body is getting exactly what it needs.

So how do you make your own Supplement?

The first step is determining the type of supplement that you want to make. There are several types based on the following:

  • Pre-work out/ Energy Enhancing
  • Post-work out Recovery
  • Gaining Weight
  • Enhancing Performance in High Intensity Sports or Activities
  • Losing Weight
  • Building Muscle Mass

After you’ve set your goals, you can then decide what ingredients and tools you need. You need these 3 things to start your supplement – an active ingredient, a binding agent and a tablet press.

Active ingredient. Active ingredients are the main materials that you would add to your supplement. You can find raw materials from your local health food store or even online.

Binding Agents. These ingredients allow your raw materials to bind and mix well. Its easiest to use an all in one pill mix like Firmapress.

A Pill Press. The pill press (or tablet press) is used to compress the active ingredients in to the final supplement. If you are making supplements for personal use, you’ll be better off getting a handheld Pill press. You will find videos online on how to use handheld pill press easily.

After you have purchased these three things, the next step is concocting your own formula or mix. This is where some people find it difficult. But it is actually reasonably simple. Theres loads of videos online but the main thing is to get the ratios right so that you’re taking the exact amount you need.

In making your own supplement, you save not only money but also it prevents you from taking the wrong ingredients that may affect your overall health. Choosing your own ingredients will help you cut costs and help you achieve the goal that you want effectively as you know what is inside your supplement.