The diagnosis of breast cancer in an individual turns the things and life of that individual very strongly. This change can be seen in every aspect of life. Mostly this change is quite negative as observed in many patients. They feel as they are alone in this world and there is no one to give them a company. The patient feels as if the person is born in an entire different and new world where everything is new and not familiar.  Breast cancer care is actually a very strong campaign to move along and certainly it can’t be attained individually. There is need to have many people around and certainly there have been many helping hands around of a breast cancer patient.

Patient’s care is the more essential thing when it comes to handle the whole situation. Breast cancer is the same situation in which care of the cancer patient becomes an obligation.

Let’s Introduce Them To The World:

Breast cancer care team is a combination of many professionals and those who are concerned about the patient.

Physicians or Oncologists:

The whole treatment of a breast cancer patient is managed by a physician or oncologist.  What is good and appropriate treatment for the patient and how it can be executed all is the responsibility of the physician, so he has to see the things in pre and post breast cancer scenario. Being a center member of the team he has to take others along during the whole procedure whether its breast cancer care or treatment.

Surgeon for Breast Cancer Surgery:

As by name one can understand that when it comes to remove the breast or tumor a surgeon is required for this purpose to perform lumpectomy.

Radiation Oncologist:

The removal of breast cancer tumor through the radiation is done by a radiation oncologist.


Psychologists are the most important people in the whole procedure of breast cancer treatment. Psychological treatment has the same importance and some time may be more essential than the physical treatment. It is therefore really essential to control the anxiety so to lessen its negative effects on the ongoing treatment.

Plastic Surgeons:

When breast cancer treatment is done then there is need to deal with the scares and here the need of a plastic surgeon becomes evident.


Nurses are no doubt the most essential part of the breast cancer care and this procedure would have been incomplete without them. They are practically involved in the whole procedure of a patient.  As they use to monitor the situation of the patient every now and then so they certainly becomes more aware than anyone else about the changes in their condition. Those nurses who work in this Oncology department are especially trained with additional knowledge and readiness to control the changing scenarios. They also use to act like mentors to satisfy the patients. Tenacity is the most essential ingredient of their disposition.

Investigative Team:

The investigative or diagnostic team has the pivotal position as they are those who use to detect the disease of breast cancer for further procedures and consideration.

Social Groups:

There are certain social groups who use to encourage the patients and try to bring them back to life and normal routine. One who is fighting out breast cancer should become part of such inspirational and motivational groups.

Loved Ones and Family:

As your family and those who has importance in your life are close to you so they can be very active when it comes to breast cancer care. They can compel you to proceed for treatment and be positive about life as you also have Importance in their life.

Author Bio:

I am Jennifer a writer and blogger living in the UK. I had successfully career in medical field before fulfilling dream of becoming professional writer. My latest research on cancer detection device called “Breastlight”. This article is about the Breast Cancer Awareness especially for Woman health and fitness.