The weather is changing and the festive season brings with it a wave of happiness and joy. However, what the season and the climate also bring is allergies and runny noses. Most people that spend time outdoors in the current season will know that they are breathing in extremely toxic air and are putting all their respiratory organs at great risk. The smoke from the fire crackers goes into our systems through the nose and affects the bronchial tube along with the lungs. A few things that can happen in such circumstances are continuous running of nose, incessant coughing and difficulty in breathing.

While the issues of bad air may be momentary for some people, for others they are usually very harsh and need extensive treatment. In order to be able to understand whether you need treatment for your problem, you need to make sure that you know the basic allergic rhinitis symptoms. Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common problems to strike people in regions where the air is highly polluted. The disorder of the nose and throat is symptomized mainly by a runny nose. You will experience constant sneezing and watery eyes. The feeling of itchiness in the nose and the eyes is also highly common when you are down with the allergy.

Apart from the regular problems, you could also be highly prone to allergic cough. If any or all of these symptoms are present and you are suffering from the problems, it is time to get an expert opinion. Taking a consultation with an expert in the field is extremely important if you need to make sure that you make a quick and complete recovery. An expert is important because they can help with highly effective methods of treatment and can make sure to remove the problem from the root.

A lot people may take the allergies for granted and may not opt for treatment. However, identifying allergic rhinitis symptoms and treatment is extremely important if you need to remain healthy. If the problem is not targeted and removed in time, you may end up falling further in the trap and the issue can become much more serious. If you need to keep a serious respiratory ailment at bay, you should make sure to opt for preliminary treatment from a specialized doctor, who can diagnose and treat your problem in time.

Author’s Bio: Dr. Avni Deshmukh an expert medical consultant in Mumbai (India). Also writer for various blogs about cure, treatment and symptoms of bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, asthma etc for adults and children.