If it helps make the cost of insurance a little easier to bare, consider it an investment in your life, your health and your happiness. Some people wonder why they need to have health insurance if they never, or at least rarely, go to the doctor or hospital. It’s the same thing with car insurance. You pay for it for your whole driving life and may never need it.

However, if you don’t have insurance and you do need it you may end up with a giant bill that you really have no idea how you’ll be able to pay for it. There are four basic types of insurance that everyone should have. If you take time to shop around you’ll be able to find a policy that is affordable for you and your family.

Health Insurance

It’s easier than ever now for everyone in the United States to get health insurance. You can get online and simply search out options all in one health insurance marketplace and pick the program that works best for you, and possibly even get discounts.

Health insurance helps with just regular visits to the doctor as well as emergency room visits. These days a trip to the emergency room can instantly rack up a thousand collar bill, and that’s before the doctor even looks at you. It also helps with prescriptions.

You may also want to make sure that you have dental and optical coverage because a person’s smile and ability to see are important and should be treated just as the rest of your body is. If you develop major eye issues surgery can be expensive and insurance can cut that cost greatly.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is most important for your family and will help them if anything happens to you and causes your premature death. Funerals are extremely expensive and if nothing else life insurance will help the family take care of that without going bankrupt on their own.

There are different types of this “death benefit,” and your choice will depend on what you are in need of. If you know you may die within a certain time period you’ll want a term life policy, which experience after the proposed term. Whole life has no defined term.

Renters/Homeowners Insurance

For people who rent their place of living renters insurance is a must have. You may think you are protected under the owner’s policy, but their policy doesn’t cover any of your belongings. You need insurance so that if your home were to be damaged in a fire or burgled you have the ability to replace your belongings without spending thousands of dollars.

With homeowners insurance, you need coverage for the same reasons, to protect your family and your belongings. If you are still paying on your home insurance is most likely required. Whether it’s required or not it’s dangerous not to have it.

If your home burns down how much would it cost to replace everything you own? With homeowners or renters insurance all you’ll need is your deductible and the rest will be covered, all for pay $15 to $45 on average a month.

Auto Insurance

Depending on where you live it’s likely that by law you are required to have your vehicles insured, or you can get a ticket. You could possibly even lose your license if you drive often without insurance on your vehicle, or if you get in an accident in an uninsured vehicle.

Car insurance can help replace your vehicle if you are in an accident, it can help pay medical costs, and if you are found at fault it can help with costs for the other person’s repairs and medical. Usually car insurance isn’t too expensive, as long as you have good credit and no points on your license.

If you’ve been in an at fault accident or been caught driving without insurance you may find it difficult to get insured, and you’ll probably need to look into SR22 quotes for auto insurance, which is generally more expensive because you are considered a risk to the company.

Whether or not you can find discounts on any of these types of insurance policies, you still need to be insured. It can save you much money, much heartache, and avoid having to look into debt relief companies in the future. If you never need to use it, at least you had a safety net, just in case.