Today, nasal sprays are one of the most commonly purchased over-the-counter products. Cleansing the nasal cavity and restoring moisture to nasal passages is an effective way to both relieve and prevent symptoms related to nasal and/or sinus illness. However, many over-the-counter and prescription nasal sprays on the market today do not provide the comfort and symptom relief that consumers desire, and many can be habit forming. This is leading many consumers to look for more natural solutions.

One such solution is a neti pot, which provides a natural option to cleanse the nasal cavity. However, many consumers quickly discover that a neti pot is messy with difficult application and it’s not easily transportable. An alternative natural solution that has been growing in popularity are saline or seawater nasal sprays.

What is a saline or seawater nasal spray?

Saline and seawater nasal sprays restore moisture to nasal passages irritated by colds or allergies, dryness, pollution, and overuse of nasal decongestants. The product also provides cleansing of the nasal cavity from excess mucus, dust, pollutants and allergens in a natural, non-harmful, way.

It works by thinning the mucus, which normalises the acidic environment and washes away foreign particles like dust, pollen and allergens. This relieves congestion and restores normal respiratory function. With regular use, the user will experience:

  • alleviated symptoms of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis
  • alleviated symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infections
  • facilitation of the removal of mucus and crusts in the nasal cavity

The benefits of saline or seawater nasal spray in bag-on-valve spray

In the past few years, more brands like Simply Saline, Sterimar, Ocean and Little Remedies have started manufacturing over-the-counter nasal spray in innovative bag-on-valve (BOV) packaging. The natural solution by Aurena Laboratories packaged in continuous spray format offers exceptional benefits to the consumer, including:

  • Non-habit forming
  • Non-medicated
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Can be used by all ages
  • Easy to take anywhere without the risk of leaking or exploding
  • Preservative free and sterile
  • 100% product emptying
  • Fully recyclable

For consumers looking for a natural, comfortable, convenient and effective solution, a nasal spray in bag-on-valve packaging just may be the answer — and the relief they need to manage cold, flu and allergy symptoms.