Treating Health, Not Sickness


wellness-centerMost adults over a certain age can remember a time when health was something only generally understood. Sure, we knew that if we exercised and ate right, we’d have a much better chance of living a long healthy life. But the rest was something of a gamble. While we haven’t gotten to the point of perfect predictive medicine, modern clinics offer clients a level of sophisticated therapy unprecedented in human history. Introducing Vitallife Wellness Center, the health provider that is revolutionizing the way people get well and stay well.

Vitallife emerged in Bangkok, Thailand in 2001, enjoying full accreditation from the World Council since ‘07. Since their origins as an anti-aging clinic, Vitallife has enlarged its umbrella to offer all manner of regenerative, preventative, and nutritional services. Through their expanded programming and experienced staff physicians, Vitallife has formulated a philosophy based on preserving wellness, not fighting sickness. Though they do treat illness, Vitallife’s clients enjoy wellness as the norm.

The Vitallife Wellness program is diverse, made to fit the needs of each individual. Their staff offers specialists in the fields of Predictive and Preventative Medicine, Anti-Aging, and Skin & Beauty therapies. These categories are very general. Digging a bit deeper reveals the full range of treatments that Vitallife offers. Their Genomics program is one such example. Using their laboratory to analyze the myriad facets of a single clients genome, the staff physicians are able to make very accurate predictions into the sorts of health risks that clients carry within their very DNA. With this knowledge, they can equip the client with a specific plan to avoid health hazards and maximize the potential for health that is present in the human genome. They can also provide similar detail when it comes to nutritional coaching. Nutritional physicians can isolate specific deficiencies and areas of need within clients’ metabolic processes, offering supplements and lifestyle education to eliminate illness and dramatically boost energy.

Vitallife’s stand services include neutraceutical, laboratory, and educational opportunities. These have been touched upon previously, as each of these is involved within every program. But each service goes much deeper than what you would learn about in any of the above programs. For instance, Vitallife’s world class laboratory can analyze the exact levels of oxidation on a single cell of human tissue. The ramifications for cancer righting and aging therapy are vast. Their technologies allow them to similarly peer into previously inaccessible processes, including essential fatty acid levels, hormone levels and behavior, and tiny activities within the brain. With these highly sophisticated tools, Vitallife can see illness coming long before it manifests, correcting the process before it becomes a problem, and setting the course for a client’s prolonged health.

Vitallife even provides easy concierge services to make appointments easy. In many locations, they can even arrange for you to be picked up, if transportation is difficult or troublesome. To save you even more time, whenever possible, consultations, reviews, and questionnaires will be conducted online. Vitallife values your time as much as your wellness. As Vitallife’s centers continue to spread around the globe, the chances that one will be available near you are better than ever. Contact their concierge service today and see what can be made available to get your health, wellness, and energy on the right track for life.