For the millions of older and disabled persons here and around the world, life isn’t usually built with you in mind. While the world is becoming more sensitive to the needs of folks who find it tough to get around, mobility remains a problem for those who need help to get around on a daily basis. Below are 3 of the most challenging places for mobility-disabled persons to navigate. We’ll also list how to make these places more inviting to all users, not just the ones who have the easiest time moving about.

1) Medical/Dentist/Therapy Clinics. It may not seem like a big deal to those looking from the outside in, but disabled people have enormous trouble getting in and out of these buildings. Barriers, curbs, heavy doors, all of these present problems to these folks. As such, the disabled get statistically less care in these areas than those for whom there is no barrier for entry, however ill-considered. Access is legally mandated, but if your facility isn’t up to code, simple ramps and automated door-openers will go a long way in getting your care to all who need it. Especially to those who need it the most!

2) Public Transit. Buses and train cars are just two of the public transit options notoriously difficult for disabled persons to access. Simply removing unnecessary barriers and making these units easier to board would help these citizens get to areas far away from their homes. If unable to drive, public transportation is vital to their lifestyle and livelihood. These must continue to evolve.

3) The Home. Many people who become disabled for the first time in adulthood fear that they will have to leave the home they know and love. Some lose the ability to see, making independent home life difficult to impossible without proper training. Others lose the ability to walk, making multiple floors an unspannable gap. Luckily for these people, the home mobility industry has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Home stair lift prices have lowered dramatically, bringing them into the reach of the average disabled homeowner. insurance options may be available. If you are a mobility challenged adult, you no longer have to consider abandoning the multi-level home you love. Stair lifts can give you the accessibility and independence that you need to continue living anywhere you please. These can be fitted to stairs of any size and arrangement, even difficult spiral patterns.

The world is quickly changing for the better for disabled and mobility-challenged people. Things are looking up, but we’re not there yet. For those that still suffer from lack of access in the above locations, public awareness is vital, as is provision of in-home tools to bring the basic needs of life into the reach of handicapped people.