What You Need to Know Before Getting a Face and Neck LiftFace and neck lifts are controversial cosmetic procedures to many. During the procedure, your face and neck will undergo cutting, suturing and a recovery time of at least two weeks. While this can be a lot to go through, your results can last up to twelve years. To get the most from your surgery and protect your health, follow this advice.

Decide What You Hope to Achieve
A face or neck lift procedure is not merely about tightening your skin; many patients also want to restore lost volume, resurface their skin with a chemical peel and address deep creases with Botox. Consider what you want to achieve from the procedure and discuss this with your surgeon. A facelift alone may not offer the results you want, and many patients choose to undergo a facelift and necklift at once for a comprehensive rejuvenation.

When Should You Get a Facelift?
It is not necessary to wait until your sixties to have a facelift or necklift. Most women in their mid-40s enjoy the most benefit from the procedure, as they are in better shape and more socially active with a career. A facelift or necklift performed at this stage in life is about maintenance — not trying to undo decades of facial aging — so the procedure can keep you looking good for more than ten years. If the procedure is done correctly, you can have it redone after another decade.

Women in their 30s may also benefit from a facelift procedure, most notably a mini-facelift, which is a less invasive procedure to address the same areas with less intervention.

Caring for Your Health
Prior to cosmetic surgery, it is important to maintain your body weight, eat a proper diet, get regular exercise and protect your skin from sun damage. It’s often a good idea to get into the best shape possible before undergoing the procedure for maximum results. You should also quit smoking, because smoking delays healing and increases the risk of serious complications.

Are You a Good Candidate?
Not everyone is a good candidate for a face or necklift. You should be undergoing the procedure for yourself with realistic expectations. A necklift can reduce or eliminate jowls and loose skin on the neck, while a facelift can smooth lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. Neither procedure can give you anything missing in your life however, including a relationship.

Choose the Right Surgeon
Never jump into any surgical procedure without researching a qualified surgeon who specializes in the procedure you are interested in receiving. The surgeon should be board-certified and keeping up with continued education. Ask a potential surgeon for referrals and follow-up. Along with technical skills, the surgeon you select should be realistic and avoid making you promises about the procedure. He or she should discuss the procedure with you, including going over your expectations and the risks of the procedure.

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