mcat sprockitSprockit, Inc has released a new application named, MCAT: Flashcards.

Flash cards work for many students as they are great source of rapid review on the move. I still remember my days as a student when I used to make flash cards by hand and had to carry them where ever I went,

But now-a-days students don’t have to do that as many smartphone applications have been released over the years which have pre-made flashcards and you don’t have to make them yourself or carry them around in hard copy.

One such application was released by Sprockit for Medical Colleges Admission Test. Pre-med students can use this application to get almost 2,000 high quality flashcards for $2.99.

It has flashcards for almost all important topics of Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Polyatomic ions, Biology, Physics, Root Words and Skeletal System. The most edgy feature of the app is that you can also make your own flashcards and store them for later review.
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The app also offers 3 In-App purchases of $0.99 each: one is for multiple-choice quiz from the already bought flashcards, another is the shuffle feature, and the last one is to have the feature of making new custom categories.

Considering all the features, price-set, questions and flashcards we have seen and tested we will give MCAT a 4 star rating.

We are holding a contest for writing medical technology articles, three promo codes will be distributed among top three winners for two applications, MCAT and PCAT Flashcards. If you are interested to participate then send your articles to The articles will be published on the website if they pass the review process. The winners will be announced on December 25, 2013.