1. Ovuline: Ovuline is a tracker that helps women keep tabs on their monthly cycles. The more information you put, the more intelligent it becomes when determining the prime time for copulation. Developed by Harvard scientists, this app gives you tips for improving your chances of conceiving, and provides a day-to-day reading about your chances of conceiving.

Price: Free, iOS – an in-app purchase of $9.99

2. My Days – Period and Ovulation Tracker: This app is similar in concept to Ovuline, but made for Android devices. My Days also offers an easy-to-follow interface that lets you input personal information about your cycle, birth control, days of sexual intercourse and more. You can even track your basal metabolic temperature, which many rely on as another means of identifying fertile days.

Price: Free, Android

3. Pregnancy++: Pregnancy ++ lets you input your due date and then provides comprehensive data and visuals on a daily/weekly basis of what’s happening with your body and the baby’s growth. There’s also additional resources, such as name suggestions, packing lists, star signs and exercise tips and more.

Price: $2.99, iOS and Android – free version also available with limited features.

4. Belly Snaps:

Some people wait until they’re in the “safe” zone (after 13 weeks) to tell friends about a pregnancy, while others want to tell the world the minute they find out. If you want to go a little high-tech with your announcement, Belly Snaps lets you customize a photo with a cute “pregnant” banner to share the good news. There are also other banners you can attach to belly photos that reveal the baby’s sex or just allow others to see that beautiful baby belly.
Price: $0.99, iOS

5. CineMama:

Speaking of belly photos, the CineMama app is a great one to use right from the start of the pregnancy. Created by the March of Dimes, CineMama lets you document your belly bump through pictures for the entire nine months. At the end, the app compiles all the photos into a cute movie that you can accompany with a soundtrack of your choice. The more shots you take, the better the movie is, making a true keepsake of your pregnancy.

Price: Free, iOS

6. Pregnancy Food Guide:

Most women are familiar with the typical things they should stay away from during pregnancy, like alcohol, raw fish and soft cheeses. But for more ambiguous questions, the Pregnancy Food Guide is a helpful companion. It features hundreds of foods either by category or search and provides details about pregnancy-safe foods and what benefits or dangers they bring. There’s also a shopping list included so moms-to-be can list their pregnancy super foods for the next trip to the market.


$2.99, Android

7. Sculpt My Pregnancy:

Studies have shown the positive effects exercise has on babies in utero and women, both during and after pregnancy. But it can be hard to know what is still appropriate and safe for women and their changing bodies. Sculpt My Pregnancy provides moms with a rundown and video demonstration of exercises that are safe for each month, and exercises that will help strengthen those important muscles for labor. Each month features approximately three stretches and 15 exercises.

Price: $3.99, iOS

8. Baby Names

Choosing a baby name can be one of the most challenging parts of pregnancy. After all, whatever you choose will be with your baby for his/her entire life. Baby Names is a resource of more than 30,000 options that lets you discover name origins, meanings, popularity rankings and more. You can even save your shortlist as “Favorites” as you narrow down the options.

Price: Free, iOS and Android

9. Houzz Kids

As the pregnancy progresses, so do the nursery plans. Houzz Kids is a great app for getting ideas for the perfect baby room décor, aside from the typical pink and blue walls. Rife with visuals and links to purchase directly, Houzz Kids provides great bedroom ideas for babies all the way to teens.

Price: Free, iOS

10. Full-Term – Labor Contraction Timer:  

It’s time! Grab the hospital bag and use this timer to begin tracking contractions. Full Term uses a very simple, no frills interface that lets you or your partner track contractions, so you’ll know when to get to the hospital. It keeps a log so you can see the progression of labor and lets you input notes to provide more details on those labor pains to your doctor.

Price: Free, iOS.