usmle-world-qbankIts becoming a well-known strategy to repeat USMLEWorld atleast twice if you want to retain the new knowledge it tells you. But most of the users get questions repeated on 2nd pass in UW blocks. UW doesn’t allow you to “reset” the bank if you have less than 6 months of subscription. Here is a method by which you can save your money for buying 6 month subscription and redo all questions without missing any question.

  1. On your first pass, do all questions and review the block as usual. Once you are going to exit the block “mark all questions” in that block and exit.
  2. Do this for all blocks until you complete the whole question bank for first pass.
  3. For second pass, when you make a new block click “marked” questions rather than “All” while making block.
  4. Do the block review question as usual.
  5. Upon exiting the block unmark all questions once you have reviewed on second pass.
  6. When you will make next block of “marked questions” you will notice that the questions you just “unmarked” following “step 5” have disappeared from the “pool of marked” questions.
  7. Keep doing question blocks, review, unmark and exit until your pool of “marked” questions get down to zero.
  8. You have done UWorld twice without missing a single question or buying 6-month subscription.
  9. Cheers :)