Journal of Pakistan Medical Students (JPMS) published 15 cite-able articles in 2011. To maintain high quality of the content, it came at the expense of a high rejection rate of 78%. The quality of content is being increasingly recognized by the academic contributors. To date, the journal has received 19 (11 external and 8 internal citations) from the peer reviewed scientific journals.

For the year 2011, JPMS articles received 9 external citations and 6 internal citations (15 citations for 2011 articles/15 cite-able articles published in 2011=1.00 IF for 2011), which make the unofficial impact factor to be 1.00; highest for any journal from Pakistan and comparable to the prestigious journals from South Asia. JPMS team plans to work even harder to maintain and achieve a reasonable impact factor (IF).

Talking to Medicalopedia, the Founding Editor and Associate Chief Editor, Anis Rehman, MD said: “We have to give back to science and contribute to the scientific literature. A lot more has to be done in the field. This is just a beginning.”

Dr. Haris Riaz, the Chief Editor added, “We feel proud that JPMS has achieved such heights in such a short duration, thanks to the JPMS contributors and support from the scientific community across the globe”.