Salaries of Foreign Doctors in Saudi Arabia


For Resident doctors: It is calculated as Basic Salary = 4000 SAR for MBBS + 200 SAR per year of experience (excluding house job) + 20% of the basic salary + 15% (? allowance) + 400 SAR travel allowance. For example: If you have 2 years after housejob experience your salaray (according to above formula) will be 4000+400+20%=5280 + 15% = 6072+400 (travel allowance) = 6472 per month

Specialist/Attending Physicians: MBBS+ Diploma = 6450 SR Basic + 330 SR Per yr of experience ( Count up to 15 yrs )

Specialist Doctors: MD/MS/DNB = 8050 SR Basic + 438 SR Per yr of experience ( Count up to 15 yrs )

Consultant Doctors: DM/M.CH/PH.D/MRCS/FRCS or any Equivalent = 10560 SR Basic + 576 SR Per yr of experience ( Count upto 15 yrs )

Developed Countries’ physicians: USA/Canada/Europe/Japan/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa/Singapore/Korea/Malaysia

Specialist Doctors: Graduation+ Diploma not less than 1 yr =8395 SR Basic + 506 SR Per yr of experience ( Count upto 15 yrs )

Specialist Doctors: Post Graduate or Equivalent = 13350 SR Basic + 750 SR Per yr of experience ( Count upto 15 yrs )

Consultant Doctors: Doctorate/MRCS/FRCS or Equivalent = 22280 SR Basic + 960 SR Per yr of experience ( Count upto 15 yrs )

The 20% and 15% + travel allowance is added to the above equations.

SAR = Saudi Riyal, MBBS = Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery

  • romeo11478

    ” Specialist Doctors: Graduation+ Diploma not less than 1 yr =8395 SR Basic + 506 SR Per yr of experience ( Count upto 15 yrs )”can u explain this diploma category??

  • dr Fazli Hadi

    1 MBBS(peshawar/Pakistan)
    2 MP H (pulmonology)

  • nasirah

    if malaysian doctor wanna work in arab following husband. how can they work there. is mrcph uk, accepted there

  • I have passed MRCS 3 years back,
    Practicing as junior consultant in surgery in Bangladesh.

    I want to have an overseas experience as specialist in surgery.
    if anyone can arrange it for me i will give him half of my one month salary.

    I will send necessary document as per advice .

    • Dr.Shoby

      Dear Dr.Haque,
      I don’t want your money. I will try, send me a copy of CV.

      • Rabia Hassan

        Dear Dr.Shoby,

        I have 4 years work experience in Pakistan and have cleared Saudi Council Exam.Can you please me in finding a job in KSA. Thanks in advance.

      • Iskender Anwar Zaifalla

        Dear Dr. Shoby !
        We are doctors from former Sovet Union (Russia). One of us is a doctor surgeon with over 30 years work experience, another is a doctor orthopaedist and traumotologist with the same work experience. Last 10 years we work in the Military Hospital in Yemen. Please help us in finding a job in KSA. After receiving Your replay we will send our CV. With Regards Dr. Iskender and Dr.Haidar.

      • Dr Seidu MA

        Dr Mikky
        Ophthalmologist, 2 years post fellowship from Nigeria
        I will like to work in Saudi Arabia

    • Jaskaranpreet kaur

      Sir can you guide me how to prepare for MRCS

  • chief district pulmonolgist/TB control progamme officer Mardan kpk (PAKISTAN)/ALL WAY ACHIEVED WHO TARGETS.EXPERIENCE 22 YEARS

  • 16000 SR/MONTH

  • khurshid

    Hello I am a doctor anesthesiologist with experience and the experience I want to find a job in Saudi Arabia

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  • Kanwal

    I would like to ask you im a dental student from romania who is about to finish her 6th year of dentistry in september with licence. im french national and would like to know what are the conditions for me to work in a clinic as a dentist in the middle east and which will be the best place for me to work?

  • mehboob

    need to know about expected salary package in KSA ,
    MBBS in 1991, house job 1993, masters in health management ( 2 years MBA in 2012)

  • M Amir

    Internship 2005-06
    FCPS training general surgery (2007-2011)
    Working in Ireland since sept’2011.
    MRCS 2012.
    Worked as reg
    FRCS general/colorectal surgery feb’2016.
    what will be my package without CCST/CCT.

  • A. Martins

    Good day.

    I hold MBBS from Nigeria with 5years of work experience. I want to work as a resident.
    Pls can you link me up on how to go about getting license and job opportunity in KSA.


  • Sourav Rahman

    Dear senior Doctors,
    I am a 5th year MBBS student. I am studying in China. After doing my internship can I get a job in Saudi Arabia? Low salary is ok.. I also want to study there. Is there any opportunity for me to get a job in Saudi Arabia? I will be very grateful if anyone give me information about my questions. Thanks in advance

  • Dr.nazish

    I had cleared sle in 2013 recently I have 6 months experience in pleads from Karachi …. I m searching a job in khobar as medical officer… I did my house job from Karachi … please reply

  • ada

    I would like to join my husband currently working in Saudi Arabia but I have one year working experience after housejob.Would I get a job with that in saudi?

  • Dr.joni

    hello,i am doctor md majharul islam joni,i have passed my mbbs degree with 1 year completed internship from bangladesh 1.5yrs back.i have 10 month working experience as a residential medical officer from a hsptl in bangladesh.i am also working as a general practitioner in a hospital for 1 yr in bangladesh.i am very interested to work in saudi arabia as a medical officer/general plz if any body help me about this matter,i’ll be grateful to him/her

  • I am afghani dactar I wanna to get job in saudi I have experice in surgery

    • Anil Kumar

      U cannot even spell doctor properly. Which surgery u r talking about man? Also u will have to show a NOC from Taliban. hahahahahahhh.

  • Dr.Monika Parvin

    This is Dr.Monika from Bangladesh.After MBBS i did my DD from Bangkok, Thailand.I have over 9 yrs of experience in the field of aesthetic Dermatology.I am very eager to work in KSA.It would be very kind if anyone offer me a job in KSA.Thanks

  • R. Sivasankary

    i finished my mbbs in india. I want to work in saudi . Please somebody help me to find a way for tat.

  • R. Sivasankary

    I hav experience in emergency medicine . Pls do help me .

  • V

    I have an MBCHB in Ghana. What are my options ?

  • hummayoon shahzad

    i am a student of mbbs and doing internship in pakistan….after degree can i get job in saudia…salary is low ok

  • anu

    Can i do my fcps training in Saudi?

  • anu

    I am doing gastro residency here in Pak can i continue my further residency in Saudi?is it affiliated with cpsp?


    I am an MBBS and Diploma in Pediatrics from India.

    What will be my minimum salary in Saudi Arabia as resident ?


    I have 2 years experience in pediatrics

  • wahandey

    I hold a MBChB from Nigeria with 4years experience post housejob….please what are my options?thank you very much.

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