PMDC derecognizes all medical institutes of China starting 2012


All Pakistani graduates current and future from China will have to take NEB regardless of their Universities’ Recognition for getting RMPs starting this fiscal year i.e. 2012.

A letter sent out to Capital Medical University in Beijing last year, stated clearly.

According to sources, Supreme Court of Pakistan had earlier ordered Ministry o Health and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) to stop recognizing foreign institutes. Following the Supreme Court of Pakistan’s orders PMDC stopped recognizing institutions and notified the currently recognized that their students will have to take NEB starting July 2012 and onwards.

Many institutions still advertise themselves as “PMDC recognized” and are fetching students by misrepresenting their current status with the Council.

A pre-med student while talking to Medicalopedia told, “Many official agents of foreign medical universities proclaim themselves as PMDC recognized.”

“PMDC should enforce law enforcement agencies to take actions against such institutions and put a list of institutions whose degrees are valid in Pakistan.”, the student further added.

While talking to PMDC officials, it was confirmed that from this year all students who have not applied for RMP yet will have to give exam from this year onwards.

It has to be noted that earlier seven Chinese medical universities were recognized by PMDC and their students were exempted from NEB exam. But starting from 2012 all foreign medical universities stand de-recognized.

  • jahanzaib

    what abt those students who are currently studying in previously recognized universities and have got NOC’s from pmdc , which clearly states that student is eligible for provisional registration and housejob without neb exam? waiting 4 ur reply thanks

    • The letter clearly states in third line, “… all foreign graduates irrespective of the recognition status of the institution shall appear in the NEB examination from 2012…”.
      I think its pretty conclusive from the above statement in the letter about the stance of PMDC.

  • raja009

    this letter was sent in may 2011 but the last batch of XJTU school of med, was graduated in july 2012 all the students got RPM without NEB.. so here third line in your letter is not applicable。 please share new information if you got any。 thanks

  • baba bashir

    what about post grad in medicine and surgery?

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