You may have seen cucumber, papaya, almond, honey, aloevera, olive oil and eggs among ingredients in your cosmetics products. But some ingredients are there to freak you out some times, but most of the consumers don’t read ingredients before using the products.

Some of the very weirdest ingredients are as follows:

Baby’s Foreskin in Anti Aging Creams

Many companies like Skinmedica and Vavelta use new born’s foreskin removed after circumcision & then used in their anti aging and anti wrinkling creams.

According to Skinmedica, their products have used one single foreskin, and that it hasn’t acquired any new foreskin in over 20 years as 1 piece of foreskin is capable of producing 4 acres of fresh and new skin. The cells on the inside of the foreskin are rich in human dermal fibroblasts (HDF), which creates new collagen. This makes foreskin an ideal ingredient for an anti-wrinkling creams or injectable serum.

Vavelta on the other hand declares it’s injections are based on baby’s foreskin as an ideal replacement of botox.

Nightingale Dropping in Facial

One of the most expensive facials in the world are based on nightingale’s droppings. Initially this treatment was used by Kabuki actors and geishas in Japan for lightening of skin. It is also considered an excellent cleanser to remove thick white make up. Now this facial treatment is available worldwide at many salons. A standard price for this facial in UK would cost you £11.79.

Guanine is a naturally occurring enzyme in nightingale droppings. Like other animal waste, nightingale droppings have high nitrogen content which can scrap off the dead epidermal cells. It is also an effective anti-bacterial. It heals the skin and bleaches it at the same time.

Whale’s Vomit in Perfumes

Many expensive perfumes like Oceans by Nautica include whale vomit also known as ambergris. The ocean like fragrance in the perfume comes from nothing else but carefully collected whale’s vomiting. Huge chunks of whale’s vomit float in the ocean for years and absorb the scent of the sea. It is usually found on beaches in South Hemisphere. Today many companies have replaced the natural whale vomit with artificially produced fragrance.

Tequila Body Scrub

Mexico’s Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita offers a unique Punta Mita massage, which uses indigenous sage oil and tequila. Also known as the margarita body scrub, it is made from tequila, salt, oil and fresh lime juice. It is considered an excellent purifier, conditioner and natural astringent.

Mother Milk Soap

There are many people who use mother’s breast milk to produce soaps on a local or small scale. According to them a soap made from mother’s milk is excellent for skin.

Cochineal Beetles used in Cosmetics

The crimson red color in many dyes and cosmetics comes from Cochineal Beetles. The beetles are soaked in hot water, dried and then crushed to give the deep red color. The color is then used in many cosmetics including hair dyes and whats more scary and gross, in lipsticks from many manufactures and even Starbucks coffees & drinks.

Snail Secretions in Moisturizers and Creams for Acne and Stretch Marks

Carefully collected snail’s goo is an important and secret ingredient in many famous moisturizers. It is also used to remove scars, stretch marks and and to reduce acne. It is used in anti aging creams.

Placenta in Creams

The placenta is an organ that nourishes a developing baby in the womb of mother. It has a passage which provides nutrient to the baby, allows gas exchange and eliminates waste. Placenta is expels with the baby at the time of delivery. It is rich in hormones and proteins and is used by various manufacturers in creams to stimulate tissue growth and reduces wrinkles. It was also reported to be used by celebrities to look younger.

Dead Algae in Cleansers and Face Masks

Diatomaceous earth or commonly known as dead algae is the fossilized remains of single-celled algae called diatoms. This slimy plant like thing  is used as exfoliating body scrub and skin cleaner. It is used in facials and for acne treatment too. Lavera Faces Organic Mint Exfoliant Facial Mask having algae is available commercially for 2.95 GBP.

Sperm used in Facial

Spermine is a powerful anti-oxidant in human sperm. It is considered great in diminishing and reducing wrinkles. It also makes the skin smooth. New York magazine featured an article on this controversially bizarre and weird beauty treatment. A Norwegian company called Bioforskning sells sperm based products in the market.

Do you thinks these products are worth spending money on?