Every year around 25,000 international medical graduates register to attempt USMLE, out of those only 73% pass it at first attempt. Out of these 25,000 candidates only 5,000 will match in residency programs. The rest would have to give it a try next year. Many times students lose hope and give up on USMLE altogether. But many of you have no idea that USMLE is also accepted in other countries of the world also. If you didn’t matched in USA there are some lands which can take you as a certified doctor. Four of them I have enlisted below.

  1. UAE (United Arab Emirates): All parts of the USMLE are recognised in UAE. One is exempt from both their Written and Oral Exam if one has passed all the USMLE Steps-1, 2, 3. If one has passed only USMLE Steps 1, 2CK, 2CS then they are only exempted from written exam and still have to take Oral Exam. One can be offered a GP (General Practitioner) position if they have passed USMLE.
  2. New Zealand: USMLE Step-1 and Step-2CK passed with in the past five years are valid in New Zealand. But, one needs to subsequently pass their OCSE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) in order to do get registered with the Medical Council of New Zealand. After your registeration with the Medical Council of New Zealand you can apply for an internship there. The clinical exam in the New Zealand is called the NZREX (New Zealand Registeration Examination).
  3. Qatar: One can apply for Graduate Medical Education of Hammad Medical Coporation in Qatar if one has passed the USMLE Step-2CK exam. It is even better if one has passed the USMLE Step-1 as well though it is not a pre-requisite.
  4. DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City): One can get a license to practice in Dubai Healthcare City if one has passed all the Steps 1, 2, 3. Along with the passes on these exams one also needs to have a consistent practice for 5 years in his/her home country before he/she can get the license to practice in DHCC.
  5. Israel: The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee voted in January 2013 to exempt Israelis who studied medicine abroad, as well as immigrant physicians, from the Israeli medical licensing exam if they have passed the U.S. licensing exams.