First Aid Q&A for USMLE Step 1 was launched on Apple Appstore few years back by Modality, Inc for iPhone/iPad/iPod. It is the electronic version of the Print Edition by the same name from McGraw Hill.

The application has got some 1,000 USMLE Step 1-style practice questions covering 17 content areas.

Questions include detailed rationales for each answer choice, elaborating on why each is correct or incorrect. All questions have been written by students who aced the exam and reviewed by top medical school faculty and practitioners to ensure they match the style and difficulty level of the exam.

Is it worth spending $44.99?

After using the application, and seeing other products in the market, I think its not worth spending 45 bucks on this application. It has got few errors in explanations and few of the information is just not even tested on USMLE.

What’s the best alternative?

A better option would be a one month subscription to Kaplan or UWorld Qbank.