“a whole new area of medical education…” thats how Dr. Robert Rivera of the Hoopes Vision Institute describes his future live surgery.

After Houston’s Memorial Hermann Hospital live tweeted brain & heart surgeries, a surgeon named Robert Rivera of the Hoopes Vision Institute has taken it to a new level; he’s gonna live stream an eye surgery.

Talking to Mashable about Thursday’s broadcast, Rivera says it’s an opportunity to help those interested to learn more about corrective eye surgery, and bring attention to a procedure different to that of the better-known Lasik method. Whereas Lasik surgery involves the use of a laser to alter the shape of the cornea and cannot be reversed, the ICL procedure involves making a small incision in the eye before inserting a tiny contact lens in front of the eye’s own lens. Furthermore, it’s an operation that can be reversed and is one in which no lasers are used.

You can watch on his Ustream channel. (A recording of his August procedure is still there.) The broadcast will begin at 8:30 p.m. ET with around an hour of comments by Dr. Rivera, followed by the actual procedure.

You can submit your questions during the live surgery, & Dr. Rivera will answer as many as possible in between narrating the operation.