Nowadays, the trend is increasing tremendously to avoid breakfast in working personnel & students. This indeed is an alarming condition as in a long run it may threat to ones life.

Skipping breakfast can be due to phobia of putting on weight, lack of time, considering  it a fashionable trend, or simply due to lack of money.

The thing which is more alarming is teenagers skipping breakfasts in the name of dieting, without knowning that it has far more adverse effects on their body. Researches reveal that breakfast skippers are less physically active and have poor growth and development relative to their  peers who don’t skip breakfast. Some of the risks to health includes:

  • Skipping breakfast can get you obese
  • Poor  growth and development
  • Less physically activity
  • Increased risk to cardiovascular disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Increase  total serum cholesterol
  • More chances of starting smoking
  • Constipation

Having a healthy breakfast can actually make your day more awesome! Eat, drink and jog healthy!