Pick calcium-rich foods over a pill.

German & Swiss researchers say that you will have a 86% increased chance of heart attack if you are on a calcium supplement.

Calcium supplements have already been linked to kidney stones and bloating in other studies, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Previous Researches

Over the years, research on calcium and its linked side-effects has produced mixed findings. Some researchers has suggested calcium from the diet may lower the risk of high blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases. Whilst others have not found the mentioned side-effects. Two other recent researches, published in 2010 and 2011, have triggered warnings that calcium supplements might boost the risk of heart attack.

The Latest Research

The study by German and Swiss researchers looked at 24,000 people aged between 35- 64 years, with no history of cardiovascular problems, and followed them for 11 years. They found those taking vitamin and mineral supplements which included calcium had an 86% increased risk of a heart attack compared with those who didn’t take supplements. The risk increased to 139% for those taking calcium-only supplements compared with those taking no supplements at all, they found.

They also found increasing dietary calcium intake reduced the risk of heart attacks. Those in the third quartile of calcium intake had a 30% lower risk of heart attacks than the first quartile, with the results statistically significant for women – who are more likely to take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis – than men.