This is a great iPhone app from CellaVision, one of the developers at the forefront of automating and classifying the cells of a peripheral blood smear. CellAtlas combines mini lectures by hematology experts with an extensive cell image database to give medical students more juice for this app!

CellAtlas has three main components.

  1. First, is it’s brandname: CellAtlas
    CellAtlas features short descriptions and key findings of the various cells in the blood. They cover the normal and abnormal forms of RBCs (erythrocytes), cell stages involved in the development and maturation of of RBCs, WBCs (leukocytes) and platelets (thrombocytes).
  2. Second, is CellQuiz
    CellQuiz which gives you the opportunity to accurately test your knowledge by answering a picture based quiz and see how accurate you are in 60 seconds. Great for students who need to review morphology.
  3. Third, Video Section
    Last, it features a video section which describes the technology in two of CellaVision’s analyzers: the DM1200 and DM96.