Many times we see white lines on our nails and think why do these occur? What would have caused them to grow? Am I having some disease which I dont know of? These questions come in mind of every patient who experiences this condition.
As you can see in the picture these white lines are of three main types:

  1. Muehrcke’s nail line is a line which extends across the nail and doesnt move along when the nail grows. If you will press the white area the line will disappear. 
  2. Beau’s lines however also are white horizontal lines but when you touch them you can feel a ridge when you will touch the nail plate. If you will press the white area the line will not disappear.
  3. Mees’ nail, this line extends across the entire nail plate and these don’t disappear if you will press on them. They grow along with the nail.

Muehrcke’s nail line are commonly seen due to deficiency in blood proteins. The deficiency can be from many systemic and localized diseases. Check you doctor for a much detailed checkup to exclude other causes.
Many people think that these lines are “commonly” associated with zinc deficiency. They actually are connected to it; but are “more commonly” seen due to above mentioned reasons and not zinc deficiency.