Ever since the rise of the tablets, we have been anxiously waiting for interactive electronic medical textbooks to show up. Inkling is finally making this dream come true on their interactive textbook platform for the iPad. Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology is the first of a series of medical books to be released on it. As one of the standard textbooks on physiology in medicine, this book seems like a great start of such a series. The book features interactive illustrations, videos and integrated assessment. Annotation features are also fully integrated, obviating one of the main disadvantages of some other electronic books. Another benefit of this electronic version is that you can buy individual chapters rather than the whole book, of which you might use only a small part. The whole book is priced $64.99, while individual chapters can be purchased for $1.99, potentially a huge cost-saving for students.

Chapter 4, titled “Excitable Tissue: Nerve”, is a sample chapter Inkling allows users to download for free to get a better understanding of how the textbook functions.  Once you click on a chapter, you are presented with blocks of content separating out the various multimedia features available.  Anytime you click on a particular block, you can go back and forth by swiping forwards or backwards, extremely intuitive.

Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology for the iPad allows you to highlight, write notes, view innovative multimedia modules, and easily search for content — taking what you can do on a paper based textbook to a higher level — and taking e-learning to a completely different stratosphere.

Download Now: iTunes Link