This morning in New York, GE’s CEO and Chairman Jeff Immelt announced an ambitious new global campaign against cancer that will combine the unique strength of GE’s portfolio of integrated cancer technologies with collaboration between GE and new partners and data sources to help clinicians provide better, more personalized care to 10 million patients around the world by 2020.

Additionaly, GE unveiled an impressive portable mammography concept as part of a portfolio of integrated technologies aimed at combating cancer. The SenoCase is mobile mammography system which can be folded and easily stored in a car boot.  According to GE, such portability could remove geographical barriers to regular breast screening for many women on a global scale. The system could also be more cost effective than conventional mammography systems, making it more accessible to smaller practices and clinics.

According to the SenoCase fact-sheet, GE hopes to include:

  • A standard field of view Cesium Iodide detector
  • Similar image quality to a full-field digital mammography system
  • A user-friendly interface, operable by a single clinician