Bone grafting is the use of either native, cadaveric, or artifical bone pieces to fill a void where you would like new bone to grow. Often at first, bone grafts have poor structural qualities and need hardware to protect them, the bone around and to keep them in place. In Oral-Maxillofacial surgery bone loss is often caused by infection, trauma, tumors and other conditions.

Medtronic has announced the launch of its Artisan space maintenance system which is a set of a customizable titanium mesh, special screws for mesh fixation, as well as socket screws. The mesh is specifically designed for the protection of bone graft and has unique handling and structural properties for this purpose. The socket screws in particular are being marketed as ground breaking since the umbrella-shaped screw design allows for the protection of bone graft while eliminating the need to lift a second flap for the removal of the screw.

The ARTISAN™ Space Maintenance System is composed of three primary space maintenance implants:  porous titanium mesh and bone fixation screws; an umbrella-shaped screw, called a Tenting Screw, which protects bone grafts; and an implant called a Socket Preservation Screw.  The Socket Preservation Screw implant is a potential breakthrough for cosmetic dentistry as it allows specialists the ability to preserve gum tissue architecture and anatomy while still protecting a bone graft. The Socket Preservation Screw allows for a simpler surgical approach by eliminating the need to perform a second flap to re-enter.  A variety of instrumentation necessary for product implantation accompanies the system.  All materials are housed in an easy-to-use tray and module set and can be assembled to meet customized orders.

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