When seeking treatment abroad, it’s important to remember that medical tourism differs from a typical vacation. While it may offer new experiences, knowing the risks of choosing a medical institution is crucial. However, it can also be viable if you seek treatments unavailable in your home country. We’re here to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision before you apply for treatment abroad.

Research Your Destination Options 

If you’re considering getting medical treatment abroad, the first step is to choose the right destination. It requires considering various factors, such as your financial plan, proficient physicians, accessibility, and weather conditions. It’s also beneficial to stay informed about the latest developments and popular medical tourism destinations. By keeping up-to-date, you can discover new and advanced treatments that may increase your chances of recovery. 

Each year, the Association of Medical Tourism rates the best locations for medical tourism. Experts evaluate numerous criteria such as reputation, the professionalism of doctors and clinics, service quality, cost of treatment, and rehabilitation period. The most popular destinations that traditionally top the rankings include:

  • Germany. People prioritizing quality, accuracy, and good service choose it regardless of cost. Modern technology makes early detection of serious illnesses achievable, allowing for complete recovery. Moreover, many doctors in Germany, such as  Thomas J. Vogl and Frank Gansauge, engage in research activities while actively practicing medicine.
  • Israel. The Promised Land is renowned for its advanced treatment methods and state-of-the-art clinics, which draw in patients seeking diagnosis and treatment for severe diseases like cancer
  • Spain. It attracts over 200,000 guests annually from the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and the US. The country is renowned for its outstanding transplantology services and advanced gynecology, cardiology, and neurology treatment. 
  • Czechia. It is an ideal destination for both medical and rehabilitation tourism. Many patients visit it to seek treatment for various medical conditions such as infertility, eye diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Turkey. Turkey’s hospitals are 30% more affordable than well-known European and American clinics, making them an accessible option. Plastic surgery, neurosurgery, and weight loss are among the top priorities.

Consider The Cost of Your Healthcare 

When traveling abroad, it’s essential to plan for medical expenses. Since you’ll likely be dealing with foreign currency, it’s crucial to research payment options and exchange rates. It is essential to check for any money restrictions or limits for visitors before traveling to your destination country. Lastly, it is wise to have extra cash in case of emergencies or insufficient funds for medical treatment and other necessities.

When seeking medical treatment abroad, it’s important not to base your decision solely on cost. Please keep in mind that the overall expenses of medical treatments can differ based on the hospital and location. You should compare prices from the best hospitals offering the necessary medical services.  It will help you discover a clinic that provides the required medical procedures at a reasonable price. However, it’s vital not to sacrifice quality while searching for lower-priced options. 

Before signing any documents, it’s essential to keep an eye on the transparency of treatment costs at your chosen hospital and ensure no hidden charges are in your final bill.

Compare Accreditations and Quality of Care 

Choosing a medical facility that is widely recognized locally and internationally is essential. Look for a clinic with accreditations and certificates that demonstrate their adherence to high medical standards, use of modern treatment methods and technologies, professionalism of doctors, and patient-centered approach. Joint Commission International (JCI) is one of the most well-known accreditations among top hospitals. Experts advise paying attention to international symbols and certificates:

  • ISO. A proven hospital that meets the quality standards of clinic management and organization of medical staff.
  • MTQUA. An advanced clinic that meets the best international standards and constantly improves its service.
  • EFQM. The badge of distinction from the European Management Foundation testifies to the organization’s compliance with high requirements in the field of management of medical institutions.
  • OECI. A clinic where modern standards of cancer treatment are implemented.
  • ESMO. Professional training of oncologists in the world’s leading clinics.

Make Travel Arrangements 

Once you have chosen a few clinics, make sure to get in touch with their representatives and clarify the following details:

  • Will the clinic be able to perform the necessary procedures?
  • How soon can they accommodate your request?
  • What documents and certificates should you bring, such as a medical history extract or previous examination results?
  • When will you be able to see the desired doctor?
  • What are the prices for the necessary procedures?
  • How long is the rehabilitation period?
  • What is the required length of stay in the country for budget planning?
  • Does the clinic have an interpreter on staff, or will you need to find one yourself?
  • Is a deposit required to make an appointment at some clinics?

Based on the information received, make the final decision.

Ask for an official invitation from the medical center – with it, you can get a visa, if necessary, to enter the country. Ensure you collect and translate all the required certificates and documents in the chosen country’s language, although many medical centers accept English. Once the arrival date is confirmed, arrange travel and plan logistics accordingly. Also, book accommodation in advance if you plan on receiving outpatient treatment.

How Do I Make Sure I Receive Quality Care Abroad? 

If you’re considering medical tourism, it’s essential to exercise caution due to the high level of competition in the industry. Not all clinics and doctors overseas are of the same quality, so you should conduct a market analysis to avoid any potential regrets later. Before traveling abroad for medical treatment, selecting a trustworthy clinic that focuses on treating your condition is crucial. 

The hospital should also have access to advanced equipment for diagnosis, treatment, and surgical procedures. Obtain all relevant information about your upcoming trip, including the treatment process, potential side effects, complications, and expected outcomes. 

Reviewing other patients who have received therapy from the same doctor can also help make an informed decision. Their experiences can provide valuable insight to ensure you make the best choice possible.

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Getting quality medical care while traveling abroad can be difficult. It’s easy to overlook important details when considering different options. That’s why it’s a good idea to seek the help of a medical tourism operator. They can quickly organize the entire process, from choosing the right clinic and doctor to assisting with travel preparations. 

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