You may think you must smoke your medical marijuana prescription. However, there are many more imbibement methods than just joint rolling. Here are ways you can avoid smoking and still get your daily dose.

The world of medical marijuana is becoming increasingly saturated, to the point where new imbibement methods are appearing left, right, and center. Not everyone enjoys smoking. In fact, ex-smokers might avoid the sensation, lest it trigger those past urges. People can be so adverse to smoking that it completely puts them off from fulfilling their medical marijuana prescription. Instead, new cannabis users should focus on finding a way of getting the THC and CBD into your body, without any adverse smoking effects.

Medical Marijuana – More Than Smoking

Here are fun imbibement methods which will help you get your nutrients without all that nasty smoke.


Vaping is like smoking; however, it is a cleaner way to inhale marijuana. Not only does it help replace the smoke with vapor instead, but your medical marijuana will also enter your system faster than with edibles or drinkables. According to the experts at NYC BUD Long Island City, NY, this will lead to a snappy high which comes on quickly. Vaping is also the best way for smokers to use marijuana. Anything is better than nicotine containing products.


Edibles have been on the cannabis scene for years now. Usually these are cakes such as brownies, but the American marketplace is constantly expanding. You can now have cannabis lollipops, lozenges, potato chips, ice cream, and chews. Let’s not forget a special mention for the gummy, which leads the way in CBD imbibement and which trailblazed the edibles path for many other new goods.


Since edibles grew in popularity, it was only a matter of time before someone learned how to add marijuana to beverages. Now you get cans of soda with THC added in. These drinks can come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. They contain different strengths too, so be careful you don’t pick one that is too strong. This same rule applies to all edibles, oils, pills, vapes, and other imbibement methods. If you are used to smoking marijuana, check your strengths.


Oils are fantastic and so easy to use. Taken sublingually, oils pass through the skin where it is thinnest. This allows for fast acting relief, as well as a quicker hit than if you took an edible. Edibles can take two hours to come on, depending on how full your stomach was when you took it. By comparison, oils take less than 20 minutes to enter your bloodstream and start calming and soothing you.

Pills and Capsules

Pills and capsules are well into development now that cannabis treatments are popular. Use these as you would use any other medication. Again, the emptier your stomach is, the faster these will work.

Use Marijuana in a Way that is Pleasant for You

Not everyone will suit each of these ways of taking marijuana. If your cannabis prescription becomes a regular treatment for you, you will need to be comfortable. Finding the right imbibement method makes the whole experience better for you, so take the time to find something you love.