If you are experiencing baldness and considering a hair transplant, it can be tricky to know which type of transplant to do. Here is why a Follicular Unit Extraction transplant is the way to go.

1. There’s Low Or No Scarring

One of the things most people worry about with surgery is scarring. However, you will not have noticeable scarring when performed by a doctor known for hair transplant in Turkey. FUE transplants are minimally invasive, and since the procedure doesn’t involve stitches, there isn’t much visible scarring going on.

There is always the possibility of scars forming, either after the extraction of donor hairs or after transplanting them. However, they will be minuscule and covered by your new hair. These scars are virtually undetectable even after shaving or using a shorter haircut.

2. It Looks More Natural

Compared to other methods, FUE transplants are more natural looking. This is because individual hairs are transplanted into the scalp, not groups of hairs. At first, you may not see results, and the transplanted hairs may even fall out; however, after a couple of months of new growth, you will have a natural, beautiful head of hair. To get the most natural look, it’s essential to choose a qualified and well-trained doctor that has a lot of expertise in the field.

3. It’s Minimally Invasive

This procedure is not invasive, and because of that, you will experience minimal discomfort, minimal numbness after the surgery and can return to regular activity much faster than when using other techniques. Apart from avoiding strenuous physical activity for a week or so and avoiding submerging the area for a while, there are usually no other restrictions, making FUE transplants very convenient.

The healing process is shorter and more straightforward for most people. This is great for those with busy schedules who don’t like downtime.

4. Get Longer Lasting Results

While most hair transplants should last for years, and usually the rest of your life, FUE transplants have a better chance of continuing to grow thick, healthy hair well into old age due to how the procedure is performed. FUE transplant follicles spend less time outside the scalp than those extracted in other methods, which helps them stay healthier. This, combined with the minimally invasive surgery technique, is simply healthier for your head and transplants, which translates into hair growth and health later on.

5. Has a Higher Yield

With a good doctor, an FUE procedure will be able to get you more hair per graft than other types of hair transplants. As the surgeon extracts individual hairs, they are able to choose the strongest follicles for the very best results, and they don’t damage any follicles or hairs around the extracted ones. Generally, the results of an FUE hair transplant are better with fewer grafts and damage.

6. It’s More Affordable

If finances are a point of stress for you, you should know that FUE is one of the most cost-effective procedures for hair transplantation. You get a larger number of hairs extracted per session, and you only pay for the number of hair grafts that you actually need to get the results you want. It is highly flexible in that way. Most doctors also try and balance their pricing to make FUE transplants more accessible to more people.

Should You Take the Leap?

Whether or not you want to go through with a hair transplant is entirely up to you, but if you do, consider an FUE transplant if you are interested in experiencing minimal discomfort, a convenient recovery, better results and paying less than you would for other procedures.