You are feeling on top of the world, having enjoyed the most exciting couple of years of your life, which has changed beyond all recognition. You met the man of your dreams when he was on a working holiday in the UK, and you have moved to Oz with him.

You got married a couple of months ago and are now living in a beautiful part of the world. Yes, there’s been upheaval, but you couldn’t be happier despite missing your parents. You also have now secured peace of mind and feel like a true blue part of the community after taking out the best insurance Hunter Valley can provide for your healthcare for 6 great reasons.

  1. It came as a shock to realise that what you regarded as simple free services such as an ambulance must be paid for in your new homeland, so having insurance to cover it is a wise investment. You want to ensure that your health will be looked after properly for the rest of your life, and you want to receive the best value for money in doing so.
  2. You are delighted to find that the scheme that you will become a member of is a not for profit organization that benefits those payees and the whole community. Why allow shareholders to profit when the money can be reinvested in offering the very best services to its customers. Any excess cash is placed into a fund which is distributed locally, which gives a real incentive to join. It’s also handy that you have found advice in finding telltale signs that you might be pregnant.
  3. Becoming associated with a company that has existed for over 50 years offers reassurance and pride, and you love its ethos. They offer a range of policies that are easy to understand to fit all budgets, with the chances of lower premiums being provided being greater than with private companies who are in existence to make profits.
  4. As well as the ambulance and paramedic insurance, you have also taken out for extras and hospital stays, which covers most things, including dental care, bone and joint injuries and the invaluable service given through health management which gives great assistance in how to stop smoking, looking after your weight and first aid, all of which help prevent illness so that the scheme benefits. You can enjoy a beautiful local attraction with that satisfaction.
  5. Receiving assistance from an understanding team with the company who is community focused has led to many of your neighbours entering the scheme, all enjoying that security so that they can enjoy their everyday lives.
  6. You are delighted to be part of a company that is focused on providing benefits through an excellent service and a comprehensive range of competitive rates.

Joining a not-for-profit health insurance means that you are guaranteed a quality, caring service offering you excellent value for your money, while helping the local community who has made you so welcome.