Every year, thousands of people in the US are diagnosed with diabetes. In fact, research suggests that a whopping 34.2 million people suffer from this condition. But what is it?

Diabetes is a condition that causes a person’s blood glucose to become raised. There are three common types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 – this type of diabetes arises when the body’s immune system kills the cells that produce insulin.
  • Type 2 – It is believed that over 90% of people who have diabetes have type 2. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body’s cells no longer react to insulin or when the body fails to produce insulin.
  • Gestational diabetes – this occurs in some pregnant women. During pregnancy, many women have extremely high levels of blood glucose. While some women can produce enough insulin to absorb these levels of blood glucose, others are not. This causes the lady to have diabetes during her pregnancy.

Unfortunately, most people who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes are unable to get rid of the condition. The good news is it can usually be managed. Keep reading below to learn more about managing your blood sugar. We’ve made a list of some of the best ways to do it:

1.      Keep Track of Your Blood Sugar

The most important thing you can do to manage your blood sugar is to keep track of it. This can help you to see what causes your blood sugar to increase and what causes it to go down.

However, it can be time-consuming and inconvenient to check your blood glucose levels constantly. The good news is that there are now devices that check the levels for you without the hassle or pain of constant finger pricks. These devices are called continuous glucose monitors, and they are not only for diabetics. They can also help people without diabetes take control of their health and weight.

2.      Track Your Food, Drink, and Physical Activity

As well as keeping track of your blood sugar levels, it’s also a good idea to keep a diary of your food, drink, and physical activity. This will allow you to see the impact different types of food and activity have on your blood sugar levels. You will then be able to alter your diet and exercise regime.

3.      Choose the Right Foods

As mentioned above, most people diagnosed with diabetes have type two. Almost all of these individuals can manage their condition with their diet. They can do this by choosing healthier foods, such as foods lower in saturated fats, sugar, and salt.

4.      Drink Water

While we all love the taste of sodas, fruit juices, and alcoholic drinks, they can play havoc with blood glucose levels. Thanks to this, it’s essential to try and avoid them as much as possible. Instead, stick to drinking drinks like water, tea, and coffee. You could even purchase flavored water or sugar-free squash to make it more interesting.

5.      Eat at Regular Intervals

Another great tip that can help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels is to eat at regular intervals. This means you should try not to snack between meals if possible.

6.      Control Your Portion Sizes

It can be easy to get carried away when eating out or dishing up delicious homemade meals, but overeating can significantly impact your glucose levels. So, it’s essential to try and control your portion sizes. And, if you’re still hungry after eating, try and fill up on foods that won’t cause your glucose levels to rise.

While diabetes is often a lifelong condition, it can usually be managed well with medication. However, medication isn’t the only way to manage your diabetes. If you have diabetes, why not try out some of the ideas we’ve listed above?