Skin treatment is always handy when you use the most suitable methods. Methods depend on how your skin will ideally react to them and what type of after-effects will come forward. Skin loses its tendency to remain fresh, active, glowing, and tighter over age. Also, some conditions favor these issues to develop and surge within the skin.

The result is your skin losing its stiffness. To combat this skin losing its tightness, people opt for skin tightening methods and also go for non-surgical skin tightening treatments with skin clinics like SKINFUDGE in Lahore Pakistan. These methods vary in the basics between surgical and non-surgical procedures. Further classification is available in their types likewise.

Why Do You Need Skin Tightening?

Often people adjust to how their skin turns out to be. In contrast, the skin does not happen to be effective when it is in a raw or bad shape. This may appear as wrinkles on your face due to overage. In essence, wrinkles are a result of your skin turning loose and ineffective. To combat this, the best procedure is a skin-tightening one. But skin tightening is the name you give to the overall process.

In addition, it involves various treatments, methods, and options for a customer or patient to select from. Sometimes, there are designer or customized skin tightening options from dedicated centers. But we will be talking solely about the procedures.

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening Procedures

We will be highlighting all of the skin-tightening procedures that involve no surgeries at all. Also, there is a reason for these procedures to be friendly. With no surgery, you avoid the after effects such as itching, scarring, and irregular patterns appear. Today we bring the procedures that offer the perfect results and take away the consequences that can be poor.

  1. Ultrasound Skin Tightening Method

Ultrasound is the most common method to transmit waves into the body or any medium. With ultrasound machines, you tend to introduce patterns and waves into the body and get the desired results out of them. While things remain simple, it is the methodology that appears great. Ultrasound devices use ultrasound waves to introduce heat into the skin layers.

This heat is entered into the skin layer that is around 5mm deep. Due to heat introduction, there is a rapid rise in the collagen content within the body. The ultrasound skin tightening method is superb in treating the skin of patients that want to get rid of skin loosening at an early age.

  1. Radiofrequency Skin Tightening Method

Next, we move to the radiofrequency method of tightening the skin. Every skin tightening theory revolves around the production of collagen and it is primarily increased by heating the skin layers. When skin layers are heated through the introduction of a medium, they enhance collagen production in the body.

Collagen is the primary component that helps to keep the skin tighter and stiffer. When collagen production is enhanced, your skin tends to gently get back to being stiffer. Radiofrequency, like the ultrasound method, uses heat energy to infuse into the body. In contrast to the ultrasound method, this process does not happen on deeper layers.

  1. Intense Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency Treatment Combo

The third method in our non-surgical treatment process involves radiofrequency but this time not solo. It is mixed with an intense pulsed light method to treat several issues at once. Also, there happens to be a strange reason for using them together. The method involves a great technique to treat skin issues of different natures and types.

In essence, the method is a combination of two processes. At first, you get to use radiofrequency as a tool to enhance collagen production in the deep layers of your skin. Whereas the intense pulsed light method involves treating several skin conditions at a glance.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Procedures

Some benefits can be easily depicted from the name of the procedure. Also, you will need to know the benefits of these procedures in detail.

  • Your skin is easily tightened from mild to moderately loose. Also, this method is beneficial in one key area and that is surgical scars. With such a method, you simply avoid scars developing on your skin.
  • Lifting the skin is the question and demand to answer. For this, you require good procedures that show visible improvements after the procedures. All non-surgical methods show good visibility of results after the procedure.
  • If you undergo the non-surgical methods by a professional, there appears almost no risk of any fatal
  • All non-surgical methods to treat skin loosening involve speed and low time consumption. Thus, these processes will take around 1 hour at maximum.
  • People dearly want to note when the results from these procedures will last. Non-surgical procedures show results for up to a year.


Skin tightening methods involve non-surgical procedures to cater to patient needs that do not involve shocking aftereffects. Also, such procedures give better results, but their result efficiency and lasting range are lesser. When these things merge up, you get a good response.