Winter is a busy season as you have much more to do at home and outside. The task lists seem endless, from clearing the driveway to last-minute holiday shopping, Christmas baking, and wrapping deadlines at work. It is easy to miss dental care and regular visits when you have loads of work to complete. Unfortunately, you may be more vulnerable to tooth troubles and dental emergencies during the season. Freezing temperatures, cold air, and sweet treats can make your teeth and gums more sensitive. But you can protect them by following a simple winter-care schedule. Here are some expert-recommended dental care tips you must follow this season.

Avoid over-brushing

Although you must stick with the twice-a-day brushing schedule throughout the year, it is vital not to overdo things. You may want to brush harder and longer after relishing the festive treats during the season. But it can wear away the enamel and damage the surface of your teeth. You may brush after a session with sweets, but be gentle and focus more on rinsing your mouth.

Use a Fluoride mouthwash

Adding a fluoride mouthwash to your oral care routine is a good idea as it boosts dental health in more than one way. Using it twice a day can kill odor-causing bacteria, rinse away debris, and protect sensitive enamel. You can start using it this winter because you need extra caution to keep your teeth healthy. Moreover, you feel more confident during social gatherings with fresh breath. Continue the habit for a lifetime for healthy teeth and gums.

Locate an emergency dentist

It is easy to get complacent with dental care in the festive season. You may miss out on brushing and flossing and skip regular clinic visits. Moreover, an unexpected dental emergency may strike out of the blue. The last thing you want to encounter is a struggle to get an appointment on short notice. Locate a reputable emergency clinic nearby so that you can reach it easily without worrying about the traffic and snow.

Keep your mouth warm

Keeping your mouth warm can prevent tooth sensitivity in the winter season. Cover it with a scarf when stepping out. You can eat more warm food and drinks to comfort your teeth and gums. Breathing through your nose is also important as it prevents the freezing air from hurting your teeth. Conversely, try exhaling through your mouth as it brings the warm air from your lungs in contact with your teeth.

Limit sugar and acidic foods

Limiting sugar and acidic foods is perhaps the best piece of dental care advice to follow in the festive season. Sugar and acidic foods damage the tooth surface and break down the enamel over prolonged exposure. Cutting back on these foods can prevent the damage and give your mouth a chance to fix it through the natural process of remineralization. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after indulging in sweets. Ditch alcohol and sweet drinks as well.

Following these simple tips can keep winter teeth troubles at bay. Embrace these habits and try to keep up with your dental visits to stay ahead of problems with a preventive approach.