With how common and inevitable a condition like arthritis can be, it makes sense to look for universal ways to help those suffering. At present, there are different anti-inflammatory medications, therapies, and even surgery to treat arthritis. However, there is currently no cure, and many sufferers are still in significant pain.

While several treatment options exist, many folks are wanting a more natural approach to treating arthritis. Pure CBD oil is one product on the market that some people claim to be a tried and true method of aiding the symptoms of this condition. But is it true, and what exactly can it do for arthritis patients?

Pure CBD Oil Can Reduce Pain and Inflammation

The pain and inflammation caused by arthritis can be intense, annoying, and inconvenient, to say the least. However, people who have used pure CBD oil for these aggravating aches and pains have found that their symptoms are reduced when taking orally or applied directly to the site of the pain.

In fact, multiple studies have shown that CBD oil can communicate with the receptors that trigger pain and inflammation which, in turn, can reduce these symptoms. Although, how well the oil works might depend on the type of arthritis, the intensity of the pain, and the location of the pain. Every condition varies.

Users Also Report Less Anxiety and Better Sleep

Arthritis sufferers might struggle with anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Much of this has to do with the pain itself. Others might struggle with anxiety, ruminating thoughts, and lack of sleep due to the effect the pain has on their life, rather than the pain itself. After all, arthritis can affect one’s personal, romantic and work lives.

With the use of CBD oil, which is said to help with anxiety and insomnia directly, those with arthritis find that their sleep and anxious thoughts are improved. Just the fact that this oil can help deter pain can help keep one’s physical and mental self at ease and, thus, rest better.

It Doesn’t Appear to Have Adverse Effects

While things can interact with people differently, there doesn’t currently seem to be current reports or complaints of those with arthritis having adverse side effects from using pure CBD oil to treat their condition. This doesn’t mean, though, that it can’t have negative interactions with an arthritis sufferer.

To be on the safe side, refer to your doctor before using pure CBD oil, especially if you are taking any medications that may interact with it or stop it from working properly. If you ever feel like the oil isn’t working for you, making your symptoms worse, or causing adverse effects, stop using immediately.


It’s true that there is still yet to be a cure for arthritis. And while there are many treatment methods out there, sufferers still deal with symptoms on the daily. However, pure CBD oil might be one way arthritis patients can manage their pain and inflammation naturally without the heavy risk of adverse side effects.